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Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia is the established leader in new and used shipping containers for sale or rent throughout Indonesia and Asia. With more than 30 years operational experience and expertise and offices throughout the the Asia Pacific region, we specialize in the supply, manufacture and design of shipping containers to a vast array of industries and organizations. From General Purpose Shipping containers through to specially modified containers, Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia have all your container needs covered.

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SPECIAL UNIT: 20′ Office Container
Ready Stock, Excellent pricing.

These stocks are ready to order

  • 10’GP Second Used : 7 units
  • 10’GP : 3 unit
  • 20’GP Second Used: 3 units
  • 20’GP Painting Red: 1 unit
  • 20’GP Painting Green: 26 units
  • 20’GP Open Side: 4 units
  • 20’GP Brand New 2018: 2 units
  • 20’GP Brand New 2016: 13 units
  • 20’GP: 40 units
  • 20’HC Second: 2 units
  • 20’HC Open Top: 2 units
  • 20’Reefer Second : 6 units
  • 20’Reefer New: 5 units
  • 20′ Isotank Second: 8 units
  • 20′ Isotank New: 3 units
  • 20′ Flat Pack: 69 units
  • 20’GP Office: 1 unit (2 jendela)
  • 20’G : 8 units
  • 20’GP Office: 64 units
  • 20’Ft Male Toilet: 9 units
  • 20’Ft Female Toilet: 14 units
  • 20’Ft Mix Toilet: 6 unit
  • 20’Ft Changing Room: 13 units
  • 20’Ft Ticketing: 22 units
  • 40’GP Second used : 19 units
  • 40’GP Brand New :  Empty
  • 40’GP        : 57 units
  • 40’HC       :  3 unit
  • 40’HC Brand New :  3 unit
  • 40’Fit Open Top    :  Empty
  • 40’Reefer Second :  Empty
  • 40’GP Real Storage : 3 unit
  • 40’GP Glass Office : 1 unit
  • 20’GP Dry :  18
  • 20’GP Office  : 3
  • 20’GP Office 2 jendela : 9
  • 20’GP Male Toilet : 2
  • 20’GP shower room : 1
  • 20’GP Toilet : 1
  • 20’GP Toilet female : 3
  • 20’GP Toilet mix : 1
  • 40’ office : 1 unit
  • 40’ HC Brand new : 1
  • 40’ dry HC : 12
  • 20’GP Dry Ex. BWI : 62 units

  • 20’GP Male Toilet : 8 units

  • 20’GP Female Toilet : 9 units

  • 20’GP Mix Toilet : 10 units



Shipping containers have exploded in popularity in both rural and urban settings for their convenience and flexibility …


With more and more people starting to focus on the environment it makes sense why cost effective kit homes from Tradecorp …


Do you have hazardous or non-hazardous liquid material that you need to transport quickly and efficiently?


The Market Leaders

Tradecorp has over 35 years of experience in the container industry. We are the #1 choice for all containerised products in Indonesia and South East Asia.

All Budget

Tradecorp can meet any Budget Requirement, whether LOW or HIGH we can meet it. From Secondhand containers to Brand new, we can supply ALL.

Multinational Clientele

Tradecorp not only serves Indonesia,
but we have happy clients all over the world.

Let Tradecorp help you TODAY.

Many More

Tradecorp can supply
you need related to containers,
contact us today to discuss your requirements.


Tradecorp at Jakarta Mining Indonesia Expo 2019

Tradecorp at Jakarta Mining Indonesia Expo 2019

This September, Tradecorp attended the 19th annual “Mining Indonesia” expo at the Jakarta International Expo

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Asian Games 2018

Asian Games 2018

In 2018, Tradecorp were selected as the offical supplier of containers for the 18th Asian

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Power Plant

Power Plant

In 2017 Tradecorp were tasked with designing and manufacturing 86 new 20’ HC Containers to

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    The preferred shipping and specialized container choice for 5,800+ corporations from global corporations to SMEs

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    Tradecorp at Jakarta Mining Indonesia Expo 2019

    Tradecorp at Jakarta Mining Indonesia Expo 2019

    27 September 2019 Past Projects

    This September, Tradecorp attended the 19th annual “Mining Indonesia” expo

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    Asian Games 2018

    Asian Games 2018

    04 September 2019 Past Projects

    In 2018, Tradecorp were selected as the offical supplier of

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    Power Plant

    Power Plant

    03 September 2019 Past Projects

    In 2017 Tradecorp were tasked with designing and manufacturing 86

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      Tradecorp Shipping Containers - THE MARKET LEADERS

      Tradecorp Shipping Containers have spent the past 30 years building a solid reputation and a professional, dependable and reputable company that specialises in shipping container sales and rental. Tradecorp Indonesia are 100% Indonesian based and operated, and this means that all of our shipping containers come tested against the harshest conditions that Indonesia can throw at them.

      No matter if you want to buy your next container outright or if you want to rent one, we’re ready to help. We stock everything from standard shipping containers all the way up to specially modified containers. This ensures that you can start or complete your next project with the one company looking after all your container requirements.

      When you combine our dedication to exceeding our customers’ expectations, our can-do attitude and our quality shipping containers, you can see how Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia is a company that our clients return to again and again every time they need a shipping container to buy or rent. Since we have container depots all around Asia and Australia, it’s easy for us to deliver a container quickly to a variety of locations no mater where you need them.

      We have thousands of satisfied customers that buy or rent shipping containers from us, and this number keeps expanding year after year because of our dedication to quality products and the fact that we are always willing to go that extra mile for our customers.

      Contact Tradecorp Shipping Containers Today!

      Does your company need a few hundred shipping containers for your worksite or business? Or maybe you need to modify a single shipping container to launch your dream of owning a container shop or pop up cafe? Maybe you’re a family who just needs extra storage that is secure, safe and weather proof? 

      Either way, we want to help deliver a container (or containers) to fulfil your requirements. Our friendly and professional staff will walk you through our rental or sales process, and we’ll get your new, used or modified shipping container on its way to you quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to get started!


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