Shipping containers for sale indonesia.

Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia is one of Indonesia’s industry leaders when it comes to renting and selling new and used shipping containers. We manufacture, modify and deliver shipping containers to companies in the mining, industrial and construction sectors as well as to privately owned and operated companies, individuals and families.

We have used, new, general, specialty and modified shipping containers available for sale throughout Asia in a broad range of sizes. Since we have depots all over and a fleet of delivery vehicles and skilled drivers, we can deliver your container straight to your home or worksite quickly and efficiently, and in as short as 24 hours after you place an order.

Currently, we offer:

General Purpose
High Cube Containers
Side Opening Containers
Open Top Containers
Flat Rack Containers
Offshore DNV
Refrigerated Containers
Insulated containers
Container Tanks
Containers Home
Containers Shop
Containers Cafe

However, before you buy a shipping container, you do want to check with your local council and find out any rules or regulations they may have in place regarding shipping containers.

This will help you avoid needless hassle when we deliver your container to you.