Container Office: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Container Office: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

20 feet container office for sale
20 feet Container Office with Simple Design

The trend of building and designing workstations from a shipping container has gained popularity in Indonesia. Many businesses love this new design idea because of the plentiful advantages that it has to offer. If you’re thinking of having a container office, we recommend you read through this article as you’ll learn all the important information you need to help you decide.

About Container Office

Basically, container offices are shipping containers that redesign and reconstruct to have the qualities of a traditional office building.  The idea derived because of the plenty of time and investment that constructing a building requires. As a result, a container office becomes a favorable alternative for businesses especially for the ones that are just starting up.

Guide to Choose the Right Container

Selecting a suitable shipping container to build your office might seems technical. But here’s a simple guide yet containing all the factors you should pay attention to in the selection process.

1. Container Types

There is various type of shipping containers and some are designed for a specific use. Of course, you do not want to end up using a refrigerated container as your office base. That will take extra work in adapting the container to be a human-friendly space. Therefore, you need to know what kinds of shipping containers that you should buy for your office unit to avoid unnecessary trouble. Here are the short-listed container types that are perfect for office transformation.

General Purpose Containers

This is the most common type of container as it makes up most of the world’s container population. So, finding general purpose shipping containers will be easy for you. This container provides closing on all sides except a door that placed on the door.
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High Cube Containers

High Cube Shipping Containers are the container modification architects’ favorite choice for business as well as living establishment transformation project. The reason why they are favorable because they offer an extra 1’ tall from General Purpose containers, giving more ceiling height.
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Side Opening Containers

This type of container has an opening throughout one of the side walls panels or both. If you’re planning to have windows or entrance from the side of your container office, then this one is perfect. It will save you some time, energy, and cost than cutting the walls.
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2. Conditions: New or Used

Now, if you’re contemplating between buying new or used shipping containers for your workstation, go ask yourself these questions. First, is the designated location of your container office in a disaster-prone area? Are you only going to use it as a temporary business unit? How much you’re willing to spend? How many levels is your office design? By answering those questions, you’ll now know whether you need a new or used one. Next, you’ll find the pros and cons of them.

new and used shipping container 20 feet

On one hand, new containers give you its highest performance with considerable expenses in terms of the price. Given that, you don’t have to worry about their conditions as long as you get it from a trusted supplier, which we’ll discuss further later in this article.

On the other hand, buying used containers is a more cheaper solution to have a container office. Used containers don’t always mean that they are in such a bad condition. You can be a smart buyer and find a used unit that’s still in good condition with minimal repair required. There’s a lot of them out there! Just send your request to us.

3. Sizes

20 feet and 40 feet container size comparison
20 feet and 40 feet container size comparison

The most available sizes of shipping containers are 20 and 40 feet (‘). The 20’ containers give an area of 14,8 square meters, enough to fit 4-6 people comfortably depending on the design. While the 40’ containers provide 29.7 square meters floor area, giving enough space for up to 15 people, depending on the design.

Furthermore, if you purchase two 20’ containers from us and want to join them together to make a container office, we can help you with that.

4. Supplier

This is another important point that you need to pay attention to if you want to find a high-quality unit for your office. Getting information about the company’s work experience and work arena of the company will help your decision making in chossing the right supplier.

However, you don’t have to stress yourself in this part, let us help you with your container needs. Tradecorp is a well-established company with long experience in selling, hiring, and modifying shipping containers. Moreover, we always deliver the best service and the highest quality to ensure a great customer experience.

Tradecorp shipping container Indonesia

Our Support Team is Always Ready to Help You!

Tradecorp will help to provide you with solutions to your container office needs. You can connect with us by clicking here

07/08/2020     Tradecorp Marketing Team

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Mini Shipping Containers: 6 Ways to Use Them

Mini Shipping Containers: 6 Ways to Use Them

1. Store old files/archives

     Mini Storage Containers are ideal if you have an abundant file pilling up in your office or home. By using this container, you can free up some space and creating more room to support other activities. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the safety of your archives. Our Mini Shipping Container is weatherproof and has a secure lock system.

mini shipping container
Mini Shipping Container

2. Starting a startup

     Perhaps you have a limited budget to start a business, or investing in an office space costs you too much. We can modify our Mini Storage Containers and turn in into a fully functioning office completed with air vents, air conditioner, shelves, or window, upon your request. Of course, you will save a lot from this idea because we offer you the best price on the market.


3. Hospital secure storage for medical equipment and medicine

     Stuff like medical equipment and supplies require a fairly large storage unit. Meanwhile, many hospitals today are having trouble to open more space for their patients. Considering this situation, Mini Shipping Containers will become helpful to hospital owners since they do not have to worry about leaving room for that purpose. Further, our company has a long experience in modifying containers that meet hospital standards. So, if you have specific criteria, just let us know.

who we are
Mini Shipping Container

4. School’s textbooks or PE equipment storage

    Schools sometimes use empty classrooms to keep textbooks or PE equipment like nets, balls, rackets, and else. But switching to Mini Storage Containers would benefit them. It will safely protect the items stored inside, plus they will then have more rooms available to open new classrooms. So, why not use a container instead?


5. Valuables/ art collection storage

     For people who love to collect arts or paintings, our company can help you to turn Mini Shipping Container into a personal art studio or gallery. You can customize it the door types, have it with or without a window, and even design the interior to your liking. Also, since our shipping container is watertight and equips with a secure lock system, you will not have to worry about the safety of your valuable collections.


6. Garden Shed

     If you have a yard to maintain, a garden shed would be essential to keep garden tools and supplies. Garden sheds commonly made from woods, which make it sensitive to rain. Given that, using Mini Storage Containers will save you some time and cost as it is easy to maintain. Not to mention, it is durable. Due to its advantages, many homeowners now choose to use containers for a garden shed.

31/07/2020     Tradecorp Marketing Team

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What Are Side Opening Shipping Containers Good For?

What Are Side Opening Shipping Containers Good For?

To begin with, Tradecorp’s Side Opening Shipping Containers are manufactured to the highest quality in the market. This type of shipping container is a great investment for businesses that require accessing cargo quickly or under short notice. Unlike standard shipping containers where you have to remove front items to access items located in the back. This Side Opening Shipping Container provides better access to your stored items which makes loading and unloading processes more efficient.

Above all, forklifts can operate sufficiently to move in or out palletized cargo with this type of shipping containers. Therefore, this Side Opening Shipping Container would be beneficial for commercial industries or commercial shipping.

In addition, this is also excellent for storage alternatives for businesses and individuals because it is 1 foot (30,48 cm) taller than standard shipping containers. As a result, storing taller and larger will not be a problem.

Side Opening Shipping Container 20 feet
Side Opening Shipping Container 20 feet

Now, here are the key features of Side Opening Shipping Container:

  • Constructed using steel as the material
  • Opening throughout the container for better accessibility of your stored items
  • The additional height of 1 ft which provides bigger storing space
  • Side door that opened to 270 degrees for easier access
  • Durable and sturdy flooring to ensure the safety of the cargo
  • Best for fork loading
  • Extremely resistant
Side Opening High Cube Shipping Container 20 feet
Side Opening High Cube Shipping Container 20 feet

Further, Tradecorp Indonesia offers Side Opening Shipping Containers in few variations such as 20’, 40’ length, and 40’ with curtain side. It is available for sale and hire in new and used conditions. Moreover, our company has trusted haulers ready to help you in arranging the delivery of your containers. Please send us your inquiry for more information regarding our Side Opening Shipping Containers.

29/07/2020     Tradecorp Marketing Team

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High Cube Shipping Container: What Are the Advantages?

High Cube Shipping Container: What Are the Advantages?

Do you want to build a home or an office using a shipping container? Does your business involve transporting or storing large or tall items? Keep reading to find out what High Cube Container has to offer!

This particular container that we’re going to discuss is very popular and can sell out quickly, especially the refurbished condition one. So, you may want to find out why it is so favorable.

To make it easier for you to visualize the advantages of this type of container, let’s compare it with the General Purpose (Standard) shipping container. See the pictures below. Do you able to tell any differences between those two containers?

general ourpose (standard) shipping container 20 feet for sale and rent
high cube shipping container 20 feet for sale and rent

If the answer is no, you’re not alone! 

Now, we’ll put the same containers side by side, helping you to see the major difference between them.

general purpose (standard) shipping container and high cube shipping container 20 feet

Yup! Their only difference is the height.

The one on the left is General Purpose (Standard) shipping container while the one on the right is High Cube shipping container.

The Standard shipping container is 8.6′ tall while the High Cube container is 9.6′ tall. The width are the same which is 8′. And for the length, it depends on your choice. But, both has the same maximum capacity which is around 28.000 kg

Check out this table below for the more detailed comparison regarding the dimension and capacity of those two type of containers.

TypeHeightWidthLength OptionsMax Capacity
High Cube9.6'8'20'/40'/45'/Pallet Wide 48'+/- 28.000 kg
General Purpose (Standard)8.6'8'20'/40'/45'/53'+/- 28.000 kg

That difference might seem small at first, but let us enlighten you with the advantages that the extra height brings.

  1. Open an additional 10.3 m³ area than the standard container
  2. Allow storing or transporting a massive or tall cargo safely
  3. Enable stacking bulk items to more levels
  4. Fit more goods as long as the overall weight is not above the limit
  5. Give extra headspace when it turns into living or business units

Additional Features

Now, let’s go deeper with our discussion and learn about the product’s features!

  • Made from solid steel to improve durability
  • Designed to be waterproof and windproof to ensure the safety of the good stored inside
  • Complimented with a securely locked double door that can open up until 270 degrees wide
  • Can be modified to include items such as windows, doors, ventilation, air conditioner (AC), slope, shelves, and more.

Tradecorp Makes Available High Cube Container for You to Buy or Hire!

Available in many colors and sizes. To see the product catalog, click here.

For more information on buying a container, click here.

For more details on hiring/renting a container, click here.

To send us your questions regarding our products, click here

23/07/2020      Tradecorp Marketing Team

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8 Features of General Purpose Shipping Container

8 Features of General Purpose Shipping Container

To begin with, General Purpose (GP) shipping container is a standard container suitable to carry cargo without any special treatments required. That is to say, it is the most common form of shipping containers and is famous for its functionality in terms of storing and transporting goods domestically or abroad. Regarding its use as a storage unit, you can optimize it for everything from storage solution in your backyard to industrial storage units for safekeeping items such as machinery, tools, supplies, and others.

In addition, this type of container comes in different sizes. The length options include 20′, 40′, 45′, as well as 53′ long. Meanwhile, the standard height of this type of container is 8′ 6″. Every size of the container is ready for you to purchase or rent. We have it in new or refurbished condition with best quality assurance.

20 feet General Purpose Shipping Container
20 feet general purpose shipping container

Next, here we have the general purpose shipping container features:


  1. Constructed using steel to ensure its strength and durability
  2. The frame of the shipping containers is secure enough for stacking up to 8 containers without problems
  3. Windproof and waterproof to protect the cargo stored inside
  4. Designed to sustain even in extreme conditions
  5. Equipped with a durable double door to prevent any dangerous elements from entering
  6. The door can open for up to 270 degrees for smooth loading and unloading process
  7. Very easy to transport or relocate by truck, rail, and ship
  8. Can be modified to have ventilation, shelves, windows, and many more
40 feet General Purpose Shipping Container
40 feet general purpose shipping container

Not to mention, Tradecorp can help you to take care of the shipment of the containers to your requested location with ease. Feel free to contact us if you want to learn more about this shipping container.

22/07/2020     Tradecorp Marketing Team

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Portacamp Container Office, Cafe, and More [Review]​

Portacamp Container Office, Cafe, and More [Review]

There has been a growing trend in using portacamp container as a building establishment option. More people and projects in Indonesia began to shift to this alternative due to their efficiency, portability, and durability. Therefore, Tradecorp would like to introduce you our new portacamps to fulfill these needs.

Things that you’ll learn from this article are:

  1. What is a portacamp container?
  2. What are the benefits?
  3. Why buy from Tradecorp?
portacamp container office 20 feet
Simple portacamp container office 20 feet design

1. What is A Portacamp Container?

Portacamp container is a shipping container but serve beyond the use of standard shipping containers of moving or storing goods. To this date, it has been modified into office, cafe, and housing. Other than that, we also have done some other container modification works, for examples, generator unit, lavatory, cafetaria, canteen, and other basic life support units. The picture above shows our portacamp container office 20 feet in a simple yet effective design.

2. What are the Benefits?

Our Portacamp container offers numerous advantages: 

  • First, you can customize the design to your liking. 
  • Second, it is easy to move from one site to another.
  • Third, we equipt this product with the ‘plug and play’ power system so you can easily power any electrical items. 
  • Fourth, takes only few days to build, much quicker when compared with conventional building methods.
  • Fifth, cost-effective as it is significantly cheaper to construct. 
Inside view of portacamp shipping container with mini pantry
Inside view of portacamp shipping container office with mini pantry

3. Why Buy from Tradecorp?

Tradecorp is one of the leading shipping container suppliers and manufacturers with a long experience. We sellrent, and modify new and used shipping containers in various sizes and designs at a competitive price.

Our company also has a professional team that will gladly assist you in making your portacamp container wishes come to reality. Moreover, relating to the delivery of your products, we can help to arrange that for you. Tradecorp has a lot of experience including in transporting shipping container even to hardly accessible places like remote jungle areas. 

To provide better service for our client in Indonesia, we have two offices located in East Kalimantan and Jakarta. Please send us your inquiry, by clicking here, if you have any questions regarding our products.

21/07/2020      Tradecorp Marketing Team

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Tradecorp at Jakarta Mining Indonesia Expo 2019

This September, Tradecorp attended the 19th annual “Mining Indonesia” expo at the Jakarta International Expo centre in Pademangan, North Jakarta.

Mining Indonesia is Asia’s leading international mining equipment exhibition with over 670 companies exhibiting. The show attracts over 20,215 industry professionals from over 29 countries providing us the opportunity to connect with the largest gathering of decision makers and key trade buyers in the global mining industry.

The exhibition enabled us to showcase a range of our products including our Coal Bin Container and Portacamp Container, providing the perfect company exposure to the people and organisations that matter within the industry. It also provided us with the opportunity to catch up with some of our existing customers and to discuss current ideas & industry issues.

Asian Games 2018


In 2018, Tradecorp were selected as the offical supplier of containers for the 18th Asian Games in Indonesia.

Indonesia hosted 463 events across 44 different sporting disciplines, making the 2018 Asian games the largest multi-sport competition after the Olympics! Participants from 45 countries and regions attended the games which were distributed over 65 competition venues near Palembang (South Sumatra) and Jakarta (Java).

More than one-thousand 20’ containers were commissioned for the games to deliver a multitude of requirements including; Offices, Changing rooms, Shower units, Ablutions, Ticketing booths, Storage and Refrigeration.

he purpose-built modified containers took Tradecorp just 4 weeks to build and 2 weeks for delivery & on-site installation by the dedicated Tradecorp team across the 65 locations nationwide. 100% of the containers were supplied on time.

Power Plant

In 2017 Tradecorp were tasked with designing and manufacturing 86 new 20’ HC Containers to house a power plant capable of supplying electricity to power remote areas in Sumatra and Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Following customer specifications, a 1000 KW CAT diesel generator was installed into each unit. Our engineers mounted the generators to custom-designed frames which could be easily installed and removed from the containers. The containers not only provided protection from the elements but also from vandals and thieves.

Each unit was equipped with large side opening doors to facilitate the installation process. The strategically placed doors also enabled easy access to the generator, integral for adequate servicing and maintenance.

It took the Tradecorp team just 45 days to complete the modifications and carry out the installations at the necessary locations.

Dimensions as follows:

Max Gross Weight – 19,390kg

Tare – 3,390kg

Net – 16,000kg