TRADECORP INDONESIA The complete solution.

Tradecorp has specialised in the manufacture and design of shipping containers and their variants for over 25 years. The company operates throughout the world, particularly in the Asia/Pacific region. 

Tradecorp Indonesia specializes in the supply, manufacture and design of shipping containers and their variants to a broad spectrum of industries and organizations specialized products such as modular accommodation alongside amenity units can be supplied hassle free and direct to customers such as mining camps or refugee facilities to name a few, the possibilities are boundless.



PT Tradecorp Indonesia is a PMA Foreign Investment Company and has been trading in Indonesia since 2014. Tradecorp has two depots and workshops in Indonesia located in Cakung, Jakarta and Balikpapan, Kalimantan. Our company is currently organising to open three more depots in Indonesia to meet the growing needs of the business. These depots will be located in Surabaya, Palembang & Belawan.PT Tradecorp Indonesia prides itself on trying to deliver above and beyond our customer’s expectations. Tradecorp has been working with our customers toprovide customised solutions. More recently Tradecorp has worked with our client to provide a container to house a Diesel powered Genset. Financially, Tradecorp has offered their Top Tier Customers Lease and Lease Purchase options to help the companies manage their expenditure. PT Tradecorp Indonesia tries to support the Indonesian people, by primarily employing Indonesian workers. With the minor exception of a few Expats in Managerial roles. Tradecorp is working with their Indonesian staff through continual training and up skilling. Currently PT Tradecorp Indonesia has roughly 150 contractors and staff employed at any given time.
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Tradecorp modify containers to the highest quality standards and fully comply with BCA and International Codes and Standards (cyclone rating, energy rating, etc). 

9001:2015 – Management Systems
14001:2015 – Environmental Management Systems
18001:2007 – Operational Health & Safety