20′ Half Height Fuel Storage Tank Container


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Product Description

Tradecorp 20’ Half Height Fuel Storage Tank Container is an excellent solution for onsite fuel storage that is half as tall as the standard container. However, it provides a great amount of storage capacity to safely store diesel, gasoline, lubricants, or other types of fuels.

This container is a highly portable fuel storage unit. You can load it onto a truck and transport it almost anywhere. Once placed in position, you can immediately use it to refuel any machinery, vehicles, or equipment you may have. That way, your project or business still runs efficiently and smoothly, although it is located far from fuel access.

You can clean up spills easily, safe from fuel loss, and avoid risks of environmental contamination in the case of spills or leakages. That is because our self-bunded fuel storage comes with inner and outer tank layers. The gap between those two layers serves as a containment when a spillage occurs.

Our 20’ Half Height Fuel Storage Tank Container meets the ISO standardizations. It is made of high-quality Corten steel to ensure its strength and durability. Given that, it is safe to stack the container for up to 3 levels high when empty or 2 levels high when full without problems.

Not to mention, this self-bunded tank also has forklift pockets on both of its sides for safer container handling.

Above all, we offer an extensive variety of fuel storage tanks. You can ask us to add features and accessories according to your needs. In addition to that, the fuel storage can be coated with protective layers for rust prevention as your container might continuously be exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Finally, we can take care of the delivery of your 20’ Half Height Fuel Storage Tank Container to make your procurement process easier. Our professional haulers are ready to arrange the transport of your container until it reaches its destination.


External dimensions : L 20’ x W 8’ x H 4’

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