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The great thing about shipping containers is that they have dozens of uses you may not consider. For example, did you know you can build a swimming pool out of a shipping container? Not only that, but you can modify it to be a beautiful addition to your home!

We specialise in helping our customers design their own swimming pool containers at Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia, and we have a variety of shipping containers available that would work for this project. You can choose the size and location of your new pool, and we’ll transport it to your desired site quickly and easily.


Building a Container Pool Is Fast and Easy

Normally, you can expect a few months of work when it comes to designing, preparing the area and finally installing a traditional pool. But, container pools remove a lot of this process. This means you can have your new container pool installed and ready to use in a fraction of the time it would take to have a traditional fibreglass or concrete pool installed. This also reduces your overall costs because container pools are relatively straightforward and simple to install.

The final result is an extremely strong and sturdy pool shell that you can customise to suit your home’s current design. You’ll get to choose from different containers, and you’ll be reusing containers, so it’s better for the environment.

You’ll also get all of the normal luxuries that you’d get with a traditional pool including lights, a filter system, walkways, ladders and stairs. Since they’re made from a thick steel body and are designed to be watertight, you won’t have to worry about your container pool’s durability. They’re built to last for years and we can implement dozens of different designs to truly make your pool unique. 

Get Your Container Pool from Tradecorp

When you purchase your new container pool body from us, you’ll get the choice of a new or used shipping container. All of our containers are in excellent shape and we can modify it however you’d like to suit your design.

Whether you need a large pool or a small pool, we have several different sizes available. They’re great for narrow spaces or smaller yards where you may not have enough room for a traditional pool.

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