Shipping containers for sale

To begin with, Tradecorp provides many selections of new and refurbished shipping containers for sale. In fact, we have them in a broad range of types and sizes for our clients to choose from. Also, feel free to submit your request if you need a container with specific criteria. For instance, in case you want to add extra door, air vents, divider, curtain, air conditioner, or any other things.  Certainly, our team will be very glad to assist you throughout the entire ordering process.

Further, our company has depots in many locations and experienced delivery team. Therefore, we can deliver your container straight to the desired location quickly and efficiently. As a matter of fact, the delivery can be as short as 24 hours after you make a purchase. Check out the items below to see the types of  shipping containers available for sale.


General Purpose Containers
High Cube Containers
Side Opening Containers
Open Top Containers
Flat Rack Containers
Offshore DNV Containers
Refrigerated Containers
Insulated containers
Container Tanks
Kit Homes
Containers Shops
Containers Cafes
Container Swimming Pools

          In case the above selections do not include the shipping containers that you are searching for, please reach us to consult your wishes. Aside from that, you can also check out our modified shipping container page to find modified shipping containers for sale. 

         Lastly, it is important to note before buying a shipping container, you do want to check with your local council regarding shipping container policy. Because some areas might have some rules or regulations in place. So, doing that will help you avoid needless hassle when we deliver your container to you. 

get your Shipping Containers from Tradecorp

Regardless the businesses you are in or personal preferences you have about using shipping containers, we can help. Next, we highlight several reasons to purchase a shipping container, and they include but are not limited to:

Bulk GoodS Transportation
Bulk GoodS Transportation
Shipping containers were originally used by the transportation industry to ship bulk goods and heavy machinery by sea, as they couldn't be transported by other delivery methods. Buying a shipping container to haul your large materials and machinery ensures that they’ll stay secure and out of the elements until they arrive at their destination.
Short Term Storage
Short Term Storage
Storing your items can be stressful and time-consuming, but self-storage with a shipping container makes the entire process easy. You can buy a shipping container from Tradecorp and use it to store your seasonal items, excess furniture and more. Since the shipping containers are waterproof and secure, they’re an efficient way to store a wide variety of things.
Additional Space
Additional Space
Maybe you've run a business and you need additional room for your staff to relax and take their breaks, or else you need space to store your equipment. A shipping container gives you this additional storage space, and you can put it right next to your existing building so your staff doesn’t have to leave the site to access it. We offer modified and standard containers for all your needs.
Long Term Storage
Long Term Storage
Prehaps you're renovating your house and need to store your belongings for several months (or years). Or else maybe you're going away for a long overseas holiday and don't want to pay rent until you come back? Or else maybe you've just got more stuff than you've got space for! No matter what the reason, long term storage in a shipping container is the answer.
Container Shops
Container Shops
Running a small business can be a challenge at the best of times. From paying staff to paying rent to buying and storing stock, etc, it can be very costly undertaking. However, you can buy a modified shipping container from Tradecorp and set yourself up on the side of the road. That will eliminate the high cost of rent. No mater what you're selling, a container shop is the answer.
Container Cafes
Container Cafes
Have you got a dream of owning your own cafe? If so, buying a shipping container is a fast and efficient way to achieve this goal. At Tradecorp we can modify a general purpose shipping container to make it the perfect space for your new 'pop-up cafe', and it’ll be ready to go as soon as we transport it to your destination. All you have to do is make great coffee once it's there!
Shipping Container Houses
Shipping Container Houses
Another trend that is gaining traction is building a home out of shipping containers. They’re environmentally-friendly and unique because you’re recycling a used container and turning it into something new. You can make a home with several levels or with a single level, and the possibilities for design and expansion are virtually limitless.

Get Fast and Efficient Container Delivery

Firstly, we understand that you don’t want to buy your container and then have to wait for ages for it to arrive at your home or work site. After all it’s important that you start your new project or get your new container on-site quickly and efficiently as possible.

In fact, Tradecorp are able to deliver your container immediately, sometimes in as little as 24-48 hours! Our fleet of quality delivery vehicles combined with our skilled drivers and our depots all over Asia ensure that we’ll get your shipping container delivered directly to your site ASAP!

Secondly, we have a variety of delivery methods as well, and this helps to ensure that we can get your container sited in record time and with minimum on-site disruption.

No matter whether we’re siting the container at an urban residence, a major work site, or out to a more rural area, Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia will get the job done.

Naturally we’ll  need to ask you a few quick questions when you buy your container, just to make sure that we choose the proper delivery method. 

Thirdly, we offer guaranteed delivery, no matter whether your container comes by rail, sea, truck (or a combination), and our containers come directly from us so there are no third-party fees or additional hassle for you to worry about when you buy your shipping container from Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia. We make the process simple and streamlined for your convenience.

Contact Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia

          No matter if you need a general purpose shipping container or one of our wonderful modified containers, we can help. Our friendly and professional staff are ready and willing to find the perfect shipping container to suit your needs and your budget.

          We invite you to contact us today and experience what it’s like to buy your shipping container from a company who specialises in exceeding expectations, every single time.