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Companies who routinely use cranes to load and ship bulk goods often use open top containers for a fast and efficient loading process. Common examples of these bulk goods include things like pipes, cables, iron ore, industrial wares, logs, mining materials and much more. Basically, anything too heavy to lift by heavy machinery or too bulky to fit into traditional shipping containers can be transported with open top containers.

At Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia, we firmly believe in re-purposing shipping containers, and this is where open top containers come in. This clever modification system allows us to quickly repurpose traditional shipping containers for use as open top containers. This lengthens their usage.

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Whether you need to purchase or lease an open top shipping container from us, we have them on hand and ready to go. You can choose from several different sizes and we’ll help you find the one that is perfect for your project or bulk haulage needs. Our open top containers come with:

  • Ability to load through the top or through the doors
  • Choice of plywood or hardwood floors
  • Durable lashing rings located in the bottom side rail or floor
  • Attachable bow and sealing devices
  • Tilts with a removable rear header or TIR approved PVC tarpaulins¬†

Customise Your Open Top Container

You get the choice of either a soft top or a hard top on your open top container. A crane will load your items through the top of the container, and then they add attachable bows to the sides of the open top. When this is secured, TIR approved PVC tarpaulins fit over the bows. The container comes with durable eyelets, and the tarpaulin is secured by lashing to the rings located on the bottom side rail or on the floor of the container.

You’ll get a waterproof seal and you can also stack your containers freely once you have the tarpaulins in place. If you don’t think that this method will protect your cargo efficiently, you can choose to get a hard top open container. A sheet of durable metal or door slides or swings in place once you have your cargo inside the container. Once closed, a hard top will give you a waterproof seal.

No matter if you need a hard top open container or a soft top open container, we can help. Our line of open top containers will help you transport your items without a problem in a watertight casing.

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If you need an open top shipping container for your haulage needs, Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia is ready and willing to help; and we invite you to contact us today! 

Specifications 20' Open Top Container 40' Open Top Container
Inside Cubic Capacity 32.0 m3 64 m3
Max Gross Weight 21,832 kg 28,280 kg
Tare Weight 2,177 kg 4,300 kg
Dimensions Length Width Height
20' Open Top External 6.06 m (20') 2.44 m (8') 2.90 m (9'6'')
20' Open Top Internal 5.80 m 2.29 m 2.66 m
40' Open Top External 12.19 m (40') 2.44 m (8') 2.90 m (9'6'')
40' Open Top Internal 12.00 m 2.29 m 2.66 m
Open Top Door Size 2.34 m 2.58 m