In 2017 Tradecorp were tasked with designing and manufacturing 86 new 20’ HC Containers to house a power plant capable of supplying electricity to power remote areas in Sumatra and Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Following customer specifications, a 1000 KW CAT diesel generator was installed into each unit. Our engineers mounted the generators to custom-designed frames which could be easily installed and removed from the containers. The containers not only provided protection from the elements but also from vandals and thieves.

Each unit was equipped with large side opening doors to facilitate the installation process. The strategically placed doors also enabled easy access to the generator, integral for adequate servicing and maintenance.

It took the Tradecorp team just 45 days to complete the modifications and carry out the installations at the necessary locations.

Dimensions as follows:

Max Gross Weight – 19,390kg

Tare – 3,390kg

Net – 16,000kg

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