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Shipping containers have exploded in popularity in both rural and urban settings for their convenience and flexibility. And none moreso than the rise of container cafes (also known as ‘Pop up Cafes’, which are gaining traction with people who want to start their own business…but without having to pay crazy rent!

We have a variety of shipping containers available at Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia, and we offer several different easy modification options so you can have the container cafe of your dreams in record time. Our friendly staff will help you design or pick out the perfect container to suit your needs. We’ll also deliver it to you quickly so you can start the business and get your dream cafe up and running.

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Container Cafes - the ultimate business opportunity

When you combine convenience with the versatility of shipping containers, you start to understand why people are turning to shipping container cafes. With a container cafe you can launch and grow your business in record time, so that the profit stays where it belongs: in your pocket!

Benefits of Container Cafes

There are numerous benefits that come with choosing a shipping container cafe from Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia. They include:

Easy Set Up – Getting your container cafe set up and ready for customers is easy. We offer loads of design options and can modify your container cafe any which way you’d like, should you really wish to make a statement! 

Low Costs – Costs can be a huge factor when it comes to starting a new business, and container cafes take a lot of these initial costs away. You won’t have to worry about renting a space for your cafe and paying monthly rent because you’ll own your container.

Environmentally-Friendly – Unlike some cafes or businesses, container cafes are extremely environmentally friendly. You won’t have to worry about high electricity use or waste because your container cafe is small and efficient.

Mobile – Once you set up a brick and mortar location, you’re stuck hoping that your customers come to you. A container cafe is a very mobile option that allows you to move your cafe directly to your customers. This is especially helpful if your city regularly hosts large events or concerts, or if you get a large influx of seasonal tourists in certain areas.

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