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Folding container office is a foldable container that has been modified as an office using sandwich panels for walls and roof. Get the best offer for selling and rental prices from Tradecorp Indonesia!

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Folding Container Office Designs

Dimensions of 20’ Folding Container Office

Dimensions of 20’ Folding Container Office


Length (Meter)


Wide (Meter)


Height (Meter)


The Advantages of Folding Container Office from Tradecorp Indonesia


Land usage can be minimized by using folding containers because their units can be stacked to increase space.

Cost Effective

The unit of folding container office can save costs for field office procurement, temporary office, or site office compared to building offices from permanent structures, which require longer time and bigger budgets.


Additional or expansion of space is possible using folding container units. The feature of holes present in these units supports the addition of units for space expansion.

More Room

The dimensions of this unit create a larger space capacity compared to standard container units.

The Advantages of Buying Folding Container Office in Tradecorp Indonesia

Folding container offices are advantageous because they are affordable, their construction is efficient, they feature unique building designs, and there’s no need to obtain building permits.

Tradecorp Indonesia offers high-quality and durable portable offices made from folding containers that can be modified according to needs. There are many advantages to purchasing a folding container office unit from Tradecorp Indonesia.

The folding container office model has many advantages, such as its affordable cost.

The setup time for folding container units is quite fast, making it efficient for those who need ready-to-use accommodations.

Konstruksi tidak membutuhkan banyak pekerja karena modul dirakit di pabrik sehingga mengurangi biaya karyawan serta usaha yang dikeluarkan.

The construction doesn’t require many workers because the modules are assembled in the factory, reducing labor costs, and efforts expended.

Folding containers can be easily moved. Their construction is built with a knockdown or assembly system, allowing for a quick building process.

The Types of Modular Building to be Used as Offices




Frequently Asked Questions

The folding container office unit can be assembled within minutes with the assistance of a crane and a few workers.

The exterior dimensions of a 20-foot folding container are length: 5,800 mm, width: 2,440 mm, and height: 2,620 mm. The interior dimensions of a 20-foot folding container are length: 5,620 mm, width: 2,260 mm, and height: 2,440 mm.

The weight of the folding container is 1,300 kilograms.

Yes, folding containers can be utilized as several types of buildings, such as clinics, police stations, residences (on the first or second floor), or dormitories.