If your business involves shipping and storing cargo on Euro pallet, Tradecorp’s 20’ Pallet Wide High Cube Container is ideal for you. The main feature of this container is that it has slightly wider dimensions and 1’ taller than the standard containers.

Euro pallets are bigger; thus, they can’t fit efficiently in standard containers. The width difference enables you to load 15 euro pallets inside. That is four more pallets than what you can put in standard containers. Given that, our 20’ Pallet Wide High Cube Container helps to maximize your business potential.

This type of container is a creative innovation to improve your business effectiveness, especially when storing and transporting goods on Euro pallets.

Furthermore, our containers have gone through a safety inspection check. Moreover, the new containers carry a valid CSC plate, allowing you to use them for international transport.

Not to mention, the 20’ Pallet Wide High Cube Container is heavy-duty, durable, secure, and weather resistant. It has high quality Corten steel structure, long-lasting wooden floors, corrugated walls, watertight doors, galvanized gear lock mechanism system, and forklift pockets.
We are able to modify this container according to your needs. Some examples of modifications we can do are adding air vents, secure lockbox, easy open door, custom fresh paint, etc.

Lastly, we have experienced staff ready to help you plan and find the safest and most effective route to ship your 20’ Pallet Wide High Cube Container to the requested destinations. With that, there’s no need for you to worry since it will arrive in good shape right before you need it.


External dimensions : L 20’ x W 8’ x H 9.6’
Volume : 38.2 m³
Tare weight : 2.400 kgs
Max payload : 28.080 kgs
Max cargo : 30.480 kgs