20’ General Purpose Container

20’ General Purpose Container is often called a standard container or dry container. It has a Corten steel structure, corrugated steel wall panels, hardy wood flooring, and heavy-duty cargo door.

Such features make them weathertight, vermin proof, earthquake-proof, and even fire-resistant.

This type of container is the most robust, durable, and cost-effective solution to transport dry goods and cargo by sea and land. As an example, one 20’ General Purpose container can fit up to 10 standard industrial pallets and live a long life.  Besides that, this container is also ideal for conversion projects.

Furthermore, this container is made following the ISO standardization. Thus, it has a CSC plate that valid for five years. By carrying an active CSC plate, our container is ready to cover your international shipping needs.

Most importantly, our 20’ General Purpose Container generally comes with twelve vents to further reduce the risk of condensation. Meanwhile, the one that widely available in the market normally has only two vents. Another point, this container also includes lashing points at the floor and ceiling to secure your goods.

This container is very versatile, and we can help to modify it to suit your needs. You can add fresh custom paint to the exterior of your container to promote the company’s brand image.

Moreover, you can also equip your container with things, such as a secured lockbox, air-vents, windows, air-conditioning, toilets, etc.

Lastly, to save you the hassle, we can help you arrange the transport of the container until it reaches its destination. Additionally, we will choose the nearest depots to your locations among all the depots we have throughout the nation.


External dimensions                : L 20’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’

Volume                                   : 33.2 m³

Tare weight                             : 2.130 kgs

Max payload                           : 28.350 kgs

Max cargo                               : 30.480 kgs