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penawaran Tradecorp Shipping Containers have spent the past 30 years building a solid reputation and a professional, dependable and reputable company that specialises in shipping container sales and rental. Tradecorp Indonesia are 100% Indonesian based and operated, and this means that all of our shipping containers come tested against the harshest conditions that Indonesia can throw at them.

No matter if you want to buy your next container outright or if you want to rent one, we’re ready to help. We stock everything from standard shipping containers all the way up to specially modified containers. This ensures that you can start or complete your next project with the one company looking after all your container requirements.

When you combine our dedication to exceeding our customers’ expectations, our can-do attitude and our quality shipping containers, you can see how Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia is a company that our clients return to again and again every time they need a shipping container to buy or rent. Since we have container depots all around Asia and Australia, it’s easy for us to deliver a container quickly to a variety of locations no mater where you need them.

We have thousands of satisfied customers that buy or rent shipping containers from us, and this number keeps expanding year after year because of our dedication to quality products and the fact that we are always willing to go that extra mile for our customers.


Penawaran Kontainer

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Mohon lengkapi formulir di bawah ini dan kami akan mengirimkan penawaran kepada Anda pada hari yang sama. Jika Anda membutuhkan penawaran secepat mungkin, hubungi kami melalui nomor +62215031107

Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia adalah pionir dalam hal sewa dan jual container modifikasi baru atau bekas yang mencakup seluruh wilayah Indonesia dan Asia.

Berbekal lebih dari 30 tahun pengalaman operasional dan keahlian, serta kantor cabang yang tersebar di seluruh wilayah Asia Pasifik, kami mengkhususkan diri dalam penyediaan, pembuatan, dan desain.

container pengiriman untuk beragam keperluan industri dan dan kebutuhan sebuah organisasi. Dari container pengiriman standar hingga container yang dimodifikasi secara khusus, Kami Juga Menjual Container Office.

Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia mampu menjawab seluruh kebutuhan container Anda.

Tradecorp memiliki lebih dari 20 tahun pengalaman dalam industri sewa dan jual container. Kami adalah pilihan nomor #1 untuk semua jenis produk container di Indonesia dan Asia Tenggara.


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