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20' Reefer Container

Specifications for 20' Reefer Container Standard & High Cube

jual reefer container ukuran 20 feet baru dan bekas

The 20′ Reefer Container is a type of refrigerated container measuring 20 feet equipped with a specialized cooling engine capable of maintaining product temperatures between -40°C and +30°C. The operation of the Reefer Container involves circulating cold air from the bottom of the container and then introducing warmer air into the top of the engine.

With this operating mechanism, the Reefer Container is suitable for serving as cold storage for storing meat products, dairy products, fisheries products, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and hazardous goods. To function effectively, the 20 Feet Standard and High Cube Reefer Containers have the following specifications:

Stainless steel interior lining made from aluminum.

Temperature range is +25°C to -25°C and +30°C to -40°C.

Power connection 380V/32 amperes.

Operating voltage 50Hz/power: 6-10 kW/h.

Refrigerant 134a/R404a.

Main power circuit breaker.

Approximately 18m (60-ft) power cable.

High-efficiency evaporator and formed condenser coils.

High-efficiency vane-axial evaporator fans.

Three-phase condenser and dual speed evaporator fan motors.

Standard and High Cube 20 Feet Reefer Container Dimensions

20' Reefer Standard

20′ Standard



6.058 metre


2.438 metre


2.591 metre


24,000 Kg


3,660 Kg


20,340 Kg


26 cubic metre

20' Reefer High Cube

20′ High Cube


Length 6.058 metre
Width 2.438 metre
Height 2.896 metre
M.G.W 30,480 Kg
Tare 1,920 Kg
Net 27,560 Kg
CU.CAP 32.2 cubic metre

Benefits 20' Reefer Container

There are many benefits that you will get from our brand new 20 feet refrigerated container. These are some of the benefits:

Brand New Units

New units are always available in brand-new and unused condition.

Can Reach -40°C

Being fitted with the latest machinery and technology, these units can reach a set point of -40c. This temperature is ideal for some cargo to maintain freshness and quality.

New Cooling Engine Technology

The latest machines from Thermoking are the market leaders in technological advancements and cooling capacity. The machines allow you to perform smart PTI tests right from your own depot and integrated with the Emerson reefer technology.

GPS Tracking

Tracking your reefer with the latest technology from Emerson, will allow you to see the live position of your reefer fleet. This system allows you to easily identify if there are any temperature issues immediately and can be rectified before the cargo spoils.

With 7 Years Engine Warranty

7 years of Engine Warranty will give you peace of mind, knowing your refrigerated container is supported by a long warranty. This is also show the confidence of the cooling engine manufacturer about their products.

Available in Large Volume

Tradecorp has a large volume of reefer container available in Indonesia. These units will be perfect for large projects that require the stock quickly. Tradecorp is highly experienced in large scale supply within Indonesia.

Rental Option

Tradecorp can adapt to your rental requirement. Whether it is 1 week or 10 years we can provide it. One of the biggest benefits is that when your project finishes you don’t have to worry about having idle equipment, you can just return it to us.

Large Space

20 feet reefer container can hold around 9 standard industrial pallets. At around 28.4 m³ this container offers a relatively large cold space for storage and shipping various products that needed stable temperature to maintain their quality.

What It Is Used for

This unit is suited for transporting and storing temperature-sensitive, perishable goods that require to be maintained at a fixed temperature. Reefer Container is the right choice to transport those items over long distances and or warm regions.

20 feet reefer container

F&B Products

Some food products like fruits and vegetables, meat and poultry, seafood and wine, and dairy products are perishable. And You do not want Your customer to receive rotten goods. Our 20 feet reefer container will keep your product fresh by keeping it at a stable low temperature.


Pharmaceutical Industry

High value and temperature-sensitive products in the Pharmaceutical Industry like medicines, vaccines, and biological samples need to be kept at precise temperatures to maintain the integrity and to prevent spoilage of the cargo. A refrigerated container will protect those products with precise temperature controls.

20' reefer container

Other Use

Like food products, flowers are also a temperature sensitive product. That is why the reefer container plays an important role in the international flower trade. Besides foods or organic products, the reefer container is also used to store many chemicals that require to be stored at precise set temperatures to ensure a long life.

Reefer Container Features

✓ Digital Controler

All refrigerated containers have an easy to use digital controller, to manage temperature, humidity and airflow speed.

✓ T Bar Flooring

Reefer containers deliver cold air from the bottom distributed under the cargo through the T Bar Flooring and circulate to the top part to produce a consistent and uniform flow of air across the entire part of the container interior.

✓ Wind and Waterproof Structure

All new and cargo worthy reefer containers are wind and waterproof, this will protect any products inside the container.

✓ Drain Hole

Humidity is one of the enemies of chilled and frozen products, so excess water needs to be let out. A drain hole is provided to release excess water in the container.



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Recommended Temperature for 20' Reefer Container

Many commodity and finished products are often in a frozen state, requiring refrigerated containers to ensure that their temperatures remain well-preserved during shipment to their destination.

Maintaining commodities or finished products, whether from agriculture, livestock, or fisheries, ensures the quality and freshness of the products remain at their best. Check the recommended temperature information for reefer container storage suitable for various products and commodities below.

The use of a Reefer Container is intended to keep frozen products or commodities in their optimal condition by maintaining an ideal storage temperature for each product.

Agricultural, livestock, and fisheries products may require different temperatures to ensure the freshness of the products. The information in this table can serve as a guide for you to set the Reefer Container temperature based on the products to be stored.


Temperature (°C)


(−1) to 0


(−1) to 4


4 to 13


(−3) to 1


0 to 1

Green beans

4 to 7.5


0 to 5


(−1) to 0


8 to 18


(−2) to (–1)

Meat (frozen)

(−18) to colder


(−18) to colder


5 to 9

Ice cream

(−22) to colder

Fish (frozen)

(−18) to colder


(−0.5) to 1


12 to 14

Mushroom (fresh)

0 to 1


2 to 10


10 to 15


8 to 12

Green peas

0 to 1


0 to 10

Dried coconut

0 to 2


0 to 1

Fruit concentrate

(−18) or colder

Baby green cabbages

0 to 2


0 to 2


5 to 10


10 to 14


0 to 4


10 to 20


(−18) or colder


8 to 14


2 to 5


0 to 8

Butter (frozen)

(−18) or colder


7 to 13


7 to 10


7 to 13


(−1,5) to 0


13 to 14.4

Bread products

10 to 18

Bread products (frozen)

(−18) or colder


(−0.5) to 0

Milk (pasteurized)

0 to 1

Purple taro

7 to 13


(−1) to 3


8 to 12


10 to 13


7 to 15

Sweet potato

16 to 20


12 to 15


0 to 2

Frequently Asked Questions

The advantage of using a 20ft Reefer container is to maintain the freshness and prevent spoilage of agricultural, livestock, fisheries, and frozen goods during transportation by land, sea, or air.

Businesses involved in the sale of agricultural, livestock, fisheries, and frozen goods require a 20ft Reefer Container to ensure that their products remain undamaged and fresh during transportation by land, sea, or air.

You can get the best 20ft Reefer containers at Tradecorp Indonesia. As a container company in Indonesia, Tradecorp truly understands customer needs. That’s why only containers in the best condition are sold by Tradecorp Indonesia.

A 20ft Reefer container is suitable for transporting perishable or easily spoilable commodities or goods to domestic or international destinations through land, sea, and air routes.

Tradecorp Indonesia has experience in producing high-quality containers. The containers sold by Tradecorp, including the 20ft Reefer type, meet both domestic and international standards.

As evidence of this commitment to quality, Tradecorp has obtained ISO 14001:2015 certification for Environmental Management System, ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System, and OHSAS 18001:2007 for Occupational Health and Safety Management.

Several types of engines are available, such as Daikin, Carrier, and Thermo King. Each engine, when in new condition, has the capability to reach specific temperatures. Daikin can maintain a temperature of -30°C, Carrier’s engine can reach -35°C, and Thermo King can go as low as -40°C.

The 40 feet Reefer container has a length of 40 feet, a width of 8 feet, and a height of 8 feet 6 inches. This unit provides a spacious capacity for storing and transporting a large quantity of goods.

A cold storage container is a unit equipped with a cooling system connected to electricity. This unit can store products at specific temperature settings. Cold storage serves as a cold storage solution for various needs.

A Reefer container can be modified according to needs, such as curtains, GPS, alarm lights, LED lights, etc. The use of curtains helps prevent sudden temperature changes when the door is opened.