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Container as one of the products that can be converted into a portable office container or shop container so that it shortens the development time rather than having to build a permanent office building.

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Container Office Sizes 20 & 40 Feet for Sale Best Rental Prices

7 Advantages of Office Container

Container offices can be converted from various types of containers, one of which is from sea can containers. This container is a container commonly used for shipping containers on the high seas. This container has the advantage of being weather-resistant so that it can be used for a long time so that it saves your budget.


Save Development Time

Our office containers already have the structures and foundations needed, namely container offices 10 feet, 20 feet and office containers 40 feet, only you need to add accessories or redesign so that it looks more beautiful. These advantages speed up development and save you time.


Anti Mainstream and Modern

Container design prioritizes popular architectural and interior styles so that it makes your portable office attractive, not monotonous and boring. Can be designed according to your wishes, besides choosing 20 ft or 40 ft container offices has a modern impression.


Increase Work Productivity

With an office that can be modified with a modern architectural style to make your office more lively and not boring, this will certainly make your employees more enthusiastic and productive at work and not easily sleepy.


More Affordable Price

The price of office containers that we offer for modular office and office containers is more affordable than building a new office building that is permanent from the ground up even with prefabricated materials.


Flexible and Portable

Easy to move from one place to another. Very flexible to modify or adapt to your needs.


Durable & Anti Rust

This container is anti-corrosion so it is more durable and can be used for a long period of time up to years.


Sturdy and Strong

Made of corten steel which is specially made so that our office containers are resistant to exposure to unpredictable weather such as heat, rain and flooding as well as earthquakes.

Tradecorp's Flagship Office Container Type

In today’s modern era, everyone is required to work faster and more efficiently, including in terms of building a business and office. Container as one of the products that can be converted into a portable office container or shop container so that it shortens the development time rather than having to build a permanent office building. In addition, its modern structure and construction suits the younger market. However, you can adjust the design of the unit according to your individual tastes and markets.

Office Container

Container office / container cabin office of this type is made from containers with sizes of 10 feet, 20 feet and 40 feet. You can choose the size according to your needs. The container office has an artistic shape and design in your office building so that it gives a more modern impression.

We can also modify this container with various facilities such as toilets, pantry, backyard, rest areas, to meeting rooms so that your office is comfortable with a portable office container house. Our portable office containers have a special metal/steel material so they are strong and sturdy. We can modify various types of containers into offices such as shipping containers, containers / cargo containers, and DNV containers.


We also provide modular prefab office or prefabricated modular office buildings whose construction is made of flat pack containers that have been designed in advance so that they are faster to assemble and build. The prefabricated buildings have a light steel frame and are built around Tradecorp’s unique office building system.

We can also adjust to the cost you have. Not only used as a regular office space, but we are also here to meet the needs of the field and project industry. This Modular Container can be given additional space for a meeting room, work room or room for rest.​

Direksi Keet

Direksi Keet / Direksi Kit is a term for field offices which are usually formed by cargo containers that have a size of 20′ and 40′ feet and have been specially designed so that they can be converted as a building or temporary warehouse. You can use the Direksi Kit as a site office, a place to store goods, a meeting room, or as a control center.

In the implementation of a project, the directors kit is usually built before the project takes place. This is usually done as one of the conditions that the project will actually start. Without the construction of a board of directors kit, it means that the project cannot take place because there is no office for project management.

Medical Container

In mining locations which are usually located in remote areas, shipping containers are transformed into a medical facility that called medical shipping container. Shipping containers can be modified into hospital containers, laboratory containers, shipping container clinics, and many more medical facilities.

All necessary technical installations are delivered with the “Hospitainer”. Additional features such as the air conditioner, canopy, stairs, and door handle are stored for transport in one of the containers. They will be installed at the location.

Jual beli sewa container office, peti kemas bangunan kantor di Jakarta kondisi baru dan bekas murah ukuran dimensi kontainer 20 feet & 40 feet harga terbaik, 20 feet office container, 40 feet office container

Tradecorp, a Company That Sells Quality Cheap Office Containers

Our office containers are ISO certified because the production process follows international ISO standards, so we guarantee the quality of every product we offer to you. In addition, our portable and modular office containers are mobile offices that can be moved easily.

Tradecorp is experienced in producing, selling and renting office containers / office containers / offices from used and new containers for years because we provide the best service.

We are committed to always providing quality office containers according to your wishes and needs with number one quality. We provide new container units and second hand office containers with no less good quality. In addition, we also provide sales and rental services for Jakarta office containers if you need a temporary or permanent office rental for your field project or site office.

For 20 ft & 40 ft Office Container Prices will be different and follow your needs. Please contact our Sales Team to get the best offer for selling & renting 40 feet & 20 feet container office.

What they think about Tradecorp

Muhammad Nur Sahid
Muhammad Nur Sahid
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Setelah sekian lama mencari perusahaan yang jual kantor container, akhirnya dapat rekomendasi dari teman katanya container disini kualitas nya oke dan harganya juga termasuk yang paling terjangkau dari yang lain.

Ya udah kontak salesnya dan ngobrol lah kita sampai akhirnya nemu kontainer yang pas buat saya dan sesuai dengan ekspektasi saya. Ternyata memang beneran harga container offices 40 feet lebih terjangkau jika beli disini. Jadi saya dapat container kantor dengan kualitas yang lebih baik disini (daripada di tempat-tempat lain yang saya kontak salesnya juga), sesuai dengan budget saya.

Saya kasih bintang 5 karena pelayanannya yang oke, sabar menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan saya dengan jelas dan mudah dimengerti.
Fauzul Bachrie Nuralief
Fauzul Bachrie Nuralief
GPC Consulting
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Sempat bingung beberapa hari lalu karena gak tau mau cari container buat site office untuk proyek kantor konsultan pengembangan diri dimana? Karena memang belum pernah order container office sebelumnya

Terus browsing di internet sana sini, akhirnya ketemu sama Direksi Keet untuk Proyek dari Tradecorp ini kemudian saya coba kontak customer servicenya dan gak disangka fast response banget udah gitu ramah juga waktu itu dilayani oleh salesnya yang bernama Satya.

Saya bertanya panjang lebar tapi tetap dijawab dengan sabar dan mendetail tentang Direksi Keet, bahkan salesnya seperti teman sendiri. Gak ragu lagi deh buat order container di Tradecorp dilain waktu
Andi Nugroho
Andi Nugroho
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Pertama kali order container disini. Pelayananan nya sangat tidak mengecewakan. Saya dibantu dengan baik saat bertanya mengenai detail interior dan exterior yang saya bisa include di office container.

Untuk urusan pengirimannya pun dibantu sehingga memudahkan saya. Depotnya ada banyak jadi ongkir nya lumayan murah ya dibandingkan yang lain.

Kirain bakalan lama, tau-tau nya gak ngaret sesuai dengan waktu yang dijanjikan. Pokoknya recommended!

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