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Company Overview

PT Tradecorp Indonesia

Tradecorp Indonesia is a solution to meet the needs of cargo containers and modular containers. Since 2014, our experts team has been helping clients find the best range of container products for their industry line. ASEAN Games 2018 and PON XX Papua are some of the clients that put trust in Tradecorp’s services.

Tradecorp’s service covers all over Indonesia, with Container Depots located in strategic areas to support large or small shipments throughout the country.

It is our mission to provide convenience in getting the best containers for individuals or businesses in Indonesia.

PT Tradecorp Indonesia is proud to be involved in the local community by investing in the area of socio-economic development of Indonesians. We also collaborate with local government agencies to help the community in need during a natural disaster or crisis.

Tradecorp Indonesia experienced in fulfilling container needs for various industries. The mining, logistics, construction, F&B, agriculture, and big events, such as ASEAN Games 2018 and PON XX Papua, have experienced Tradecorp’s first-class services.

With a combined team of experts and strategically located container depots, Tradecorp Indonesia is able to meet the demand of our clients’ need of shipping and modular containers in large quantities.

Year of Establishment
Offices & Depots


A trusted and experienced container company since 2014

Indonesian No. 1 shipping container supplier

Standardized manufacturing facilities with qualified engineers

Our experienced design team are ready to handle special requirements

Our containers meet national and international standards

Able to supply all types of container products / modular buildings / custom containers


PT Tradecorp Indonesia upholds high working standards. We are maintaining a sustainable and healthy work environment and culture within the company. As a result, it was granted an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards, including in the following areas:

9001: 2015
Quality Management System
14001: 2015
Environmental Management System
45001: 2018
Operational Planning and Control


Furthermore, our products are in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), which regulates the minimum safety, health, amenity, and sustainability requirements of buildings.