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Direksi Keet / Direksi Kit is a term for field offices which are usually formed by cargo containers that have a size of 20′ and 40′ feet and have been specially designed so that they can be converted as a building or temporary warehouse. You can use the Direksi Kit as a site office, a place to store goods, a meeting room, or as a control center.


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Why are direksi keet important to you?

In the implementation of a project, the directors kit is usually built before the project takes place. This is usually done as one of the conditions that the project will actually start. Without the construction of a board of directors kit, it means that the project cannot take place because there is no office for project management.

Why are project keet directors important? Because it has a variety of functions and is useful for the continuity of your work. The functions of using this temporary office/building are:


Administration Office

In practice in the field, it is not only field workers who work and need to be facilitated. Activities related to office administration also need to be considered for the continuity and smoothness of your work.

Such as the administration of letters, financial processes, or the need to prepare files. The Direksi Keet container can be used as an administrative office and modified to be comfortable for use in the field.


Project Control and Monitoring Center

In addition to being able to store goods and offices, the direksi keet / direksi kit can be used as a control and monitoring center.

Of course in the field requires control and monitoring both from the contractor as the person in charge of the project and the consultant services working in it. By using this unit, these parties can monitor and monitor the progress of a project from within the Keet director directly.


Communication Center

In a work in the field, be it construction or mining, there are many parties involved. For example, for development there will be consultant services that provide input and plan the project.

There are also contractors who will carry out and be responsible for the course of the project, there are also those who are in charge of sending materials for building materials.

Of course these parties need to communicate or meet face to face to discuss the progress of the work so that it goes well, or need to hold a meeting with the owner. So, the direksi keet / direksi kit can be used as a place for face-to-face meetings or meetings of these parties.


Valuables Storage Warehouse

In a project, of course there are lots of items used, such as important materials, carpentry tools, fire extinguishers (apar), first aid kits, down to securities and office equipment such as laptops, computers and printers.

With the direksi keet / direksi kit you can store these valuables safely because it can be equipped with a lock feature as a security.


Promotional Facilities or Shelters

By using this keet director you can modify your temporary office in such a way with a unique and modern design. This can be an additional means of promotion for your construction work, for example if you are building a house or apartment.

By using this keet director you can modify your temporary office in such a way with a unique and modern design. This can be an additional means of promotion for your construction work, for example if you are building a house or apartment.


Employee Home / Dormitory

Kami juga jual container peti kemas bekas dan baru untuk dimodifikasi menjadi hunian pribadi maupun asrama pekerja lapangan.

Perusahaan Anda dapat membuat asrama  tempat tinggal untuk karyawan dengan biaya yang relatif lebih rendah.

Anda juga dapat memiliki sebuah rumah kontainer dengan banyak pilihan desain. Harga kontainer bekas untuk rumah juga tergolong murah.

Team Tradecorp telah berpengalaman lebih dari 5 tahun dalam membuat rumah container menjadi tempat tinggal yang nyaman.

Gambar Direksi Keet Proyek | Jual Direksi Keet Container, Jual Direksi Keet/ Direction Keet Harga Sewa Terbaik Unit Baru untuk proyek anda. Dapatkan penawaran Peti Kemas Direksi Kit kualitas terbaik Di Sini!

5 Advantages of Using Direksi Keet

Our products have the advantage of being able to be built and moved easily to your desired location. Making it easier for users to monitor the course of work in the field.

The design, shape and size of the direksi keet can be modified according to requirements. Such as adding windows, doors, kitchens to toilets. In addition, you can take advantage of this advantage to maximize the design and shape of the keet director so that it can be used optimally as well as a promotional event for the products you offer.​

Because it is made of containers, you can modify the space used with sizes of 20′ ft and 40′ ft for your containers. If in the future you need additional space, you can add a container of the size you need.

Our containers are resistant to weather such as rain, wind and heat. The material is strong and sturdy because it is made of corten steel so it is resistant to rust and can be used for a long time. In addition, the maintenance and cleaning of this unit is also relatively easy to do.​

If you no longer use this product, you can easily resell this container. Because many are looking for used containers or used modified keet directors, especially in Indonesia. The price of the Keet Directors per m2 used can also be estimated at a high price.​

Direksi Keet for Sale in Indonesia

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The many functions of this keet director make it even more sought after and widely used. In addition, using a board of directors kit from Tradecorp Indonesia can also reduce the cost of making keet directors and save on project costs than you would build a temporary permanent building.

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