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Tradecorp Indonesia provides various types of containers that have been arranged based on their categories. We arrange these cargo container categories based on their type and functionality.

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Coal Mining Mess in Central Kalimantan

Mining mess is the accommodation for miners. Check out Tradecorp’s modular prefab buildings as coal mining mess in Central Kalimantan.

Mess for Coal Mining in Central Kalimantan

The 2023 Jakarta Formula E race was held with adequate supporting facilities and infrastructure. Tradecorp Indonesia again participated by contributing to the provision of ModPack prefabricated buildings and refrigerated containers.

Mess for Coal Mining in South Sumatera

The coal mining mess is intended as a residence for coal mining employees. Check out the mess for coal mining in South Sumatera constructed by Tradecorp.

Coal Mining Camp in South Sumatera

The coal mining camp becomes accommodation for employees. Check out the coal mining camp in South Sumatera by Tradecorp Indonesia!

Coal Mining Camp in East Kalimantan

The construction of employee dormitories aims to support productivity. Tradecorp Indonesia presents coal mining camp in East Kalimantan.

Sirkuit Balap Formula E 2023 Jakarta


The 2023 Jakarta Formula E race was held with adequate supporting facilities and infrastructure. Tradecorp Indonesia again participated by contributing to the provision of ModPack prefabricated buildings and refrigerated containers.

ModBox Coal Mining Camp

Mining is the activity of extracting valuable materials from the Earth for their economic value. These materials are mostly related to energy and raw materials for the manufacturing industry. Mining has a long history in human civilization. Many mining activities occur in remote places, so portable camps are needed.


For the 2022 Formula E Race in Ancol, Jakarta, Tradecorp provided ModBoxes, Refrigerated Containers, and ModPacks or better known as flatpack containers. They were assembled into a row of two-storey and single-storey structures. Each 20’ x 8’ modbox/mod pack were fitted with 28,000 BTU of air conditioning to keep broadcasting and electrical equipment cool during operation. Tradecorp delivered all the requested containers on time with the right specification.


Tradecorp Indonesia supports the 2018 Asian Games, a successful event by providing many kinds of containers. We can provide various types of modular containers for events such as Ticket Booth Containers, Toilet Containers, Containers for media rooms, and different other modular and portable units. 

Tradecorp Indonesia has been trusted to support many clients from various industries

Many clients from different industries have entrusted Tradecorp Indonesia to support their projects. Thus, we are quite confident in the quality of our container and our services. But we are not going to stop there, we are always improving the quality of our services.

Tradecorp provides container units and modular units for various industrial needs. Containers and modular units can be used for various purposes. We have more than 30 years of experience in the field of supplying containers. We are also experienced to serve a wide range of clients who come from different sectors. We have completed many projects in various places in Indonesia, namely the 2018 Asian Games, PON XX Papua 2020 to Formula E 2022 in Jakarta. In these projects, we supply many container buildings of various types and sizes. There are several forms of buildings that can be made with modular units and containers.

We provide various container and modular types for events such as ticket booth containers, toilet containers, media room containers, and many other modular and portable units. Here you can see what can be made using containers and modular products. Container and modular buildings are designed to be disassembled and moved but it doesn’t mean that they lack in durability. It has been proven that our container units are very durable, resistant to bad weather, and are not easily damaged. In addition, our containers can be modified according to your request.

Our containers certainly meet national and international standards. Our company is also ISO certified because Tradecorp Indonesia has high work standards and maintains a sustainable work environment and culture within the company. Tradecorp Indonesia has received 3 ISO certifications, namely Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, and Operational Planning and Control. Do not hesitate to consult with us regarding your container needs. Discuss your requirement with one of the representatives from Tradecorp Indonesia. We will help you to choose a suitable container according to your needs.


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