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Tradecorp Indonesia offers End to End Solutions for various projects such as mining driling camps, workers camps, dormitories, hotels and many more.

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Complete Solution For Your Project

Tradecorp Indonesia offers End to End Solutions for various projects such as mining driling camps, workers camps, dormitories, hotels and many more. Tradecorp provides a wide range of prefab modular buildings that can meet your budget and requirements.

Tradecorp can design and fabricate all required modules both standard or fully customized including many accessories such as full furniture, bedding, and other fixtures. Tradecorp can produce products extremely fast so that your location can be up and running quickly.

Our team can arrange delivery to your required location, or you can pick it up from our depot in Jakarta and can install the project in remote locations.

Full Turnkey Solution For Your Project
ModBox Coal Mining Camp Overall Area

Why Tradecorp Turn Key Project?

End to End Solutions

From design, fabrication, installation, to fit-out, onsite or in our depot.

Wide Range Products

The most complete selection of products to be choose from.

Able to Produce Standard and Custom Build Requirement

Give us your drawing and tell us your requirement and concern.

Fast Fabrication Process

We are able to deliver products in relatively short period.

Able to Produce Low and High Spesification

We can produce both low and high specification products adapting to the budget of the project.

Can Deliver to Remote Location

Delivery are available, we can deliver to city center or remote location.

ModBox Coal Mining Camp

Tradecorp mampu memberikan solusi turnkey dengan kontainer pengiriman dan produk modular. Ini adalah contoh solusi turnkey yang dapat kami berikan menggunakan ModBox.

Here Are Some of Our Popular Products

kantor dari modular box warna merah


Provides more space with a width of approximately 3 meters.

modpack container , contractor indonesia


Has the same dimensions as a 20 feet dry container.

ModMulti , contractor indonesia


Can be stacked up to three levels and accommodates multiple workers.

ModSnap , contractor indonesia


This is the fastest to set up and fold back.

ModHouse , contractor indonesia


Brings you a lot of space in no time.

rakita rumah kontainer portable bisa di pindah-pindah


Provides privacy and comfort like a conventional home.

Many Customization Options

There are so many customization options. We have a lot of materials and furniture selection. We can add many fittings and accessories for containers and modular prefab buildings. These include electrical and lighting installations, plumbing installations, and the installation of equipments related to air circulation such as air conditioners, exhaust fans and ventilation.






Other Items

Here are some other tradecorp products that can complete your project.

Portacamp Container

Refrigerated & Cold Storage

Modular Container


Fuel Storage


Tradecorp Indonesia’s Turnkey Solution is a practical solution for all your project needs. We are here to help you meet various modular building and other public facility needs in field projects such as mining, plantations, building infrastructure, and highway construction projects.

Tradecorp Indonesia offers Turnkey Solution as the most comprehensive general contractor solution for various mining facilities and other public facilities projects such as:









Tradecorp can provide project offices or worker barracks for the housing needs of workers at mining and plantation sites. Our experience in modular construction and container accommodation ensures that you get the best service and satisfactory results.

Modular containers are our specialty for providing project offices or worker barracks. Using prefabricated buildings like this for project offices and worker dormitories is the best choice.

Tradecorp’s prefabricated units have the advantage of being easy to build in a short amount of time. This allows your project to start operating immediately. In addition, our prefab buildings have sturdy durability for long-term use.

You can choose between ModBox Container, ModPack, ModMulti, ModSnap, ModHouse, or Rakita for use in your project. Tradecorp’s expert team can modify them by adding bathrooms, toilets, or other features and accessories. The ModMulti product, which is a prefabricated K-House, is one of the most ideal units for project dormitory or executive accommodation needs. There is also the ModSnap or folding container house that can be used to provide portable dormitories or portable offices at project locations.

Toilet needs can also be fulfilled with container accommodation units or ModMulti. The versatile and flexible ModMulti prefabricated K House can be designed for modular toilet needs. In addition, Tradecorp also has container toilet buildings.

Building a portable office can be done with ModBox Container. This unit is easy to ship to any location in a knockdown or assembled form. This convenience makes it suitable for projects located in hard-to-reach areas.

ModPack or Flat pack Container is an alternative to bringing modular offices or expandable houses to project locations. This flatpack unit can be easily shipped to any location. In addition, this unit is also cheaper than building permanent offices, houses, dormitories, or toilets.

Then there are Rakita and ModHouse, which can be used to build modern container houses. Both units are perfect for worker housing or container camps in the field.

All units provided by Tradecorp for Turnkey Solution needs can be modified according to client requests and needs. Furniture, electricity, floors, and walls can be installed according to client demand.

Do not hesitate to contact Tradecorp’s expert team to get the best Turnkey Solution offer as a general contractor for your field project. We are able to meet needs at remote project sites using modular and mobile container buildings.


When dealing with the aftermath of a disaster, providing safe shelter to people should be a top priority. Quickly deploying temporary buildings is essential for disaster recovery in the event of any catastrophe.

Experts recommend using modular buildings because they are quick to assemblean excellent solution for natural disaster relief. Government agencies and non-profit organizations frequently use temporary modular homes for disaster relief and to provide housing solutions to those affected. Since modular buildings are highly portable, they can be easily moved to provide quick relief where it is most needed. For example, a modular clinic or a shelter that can be very helpful in disaster areas.

The following are modular products from Tradecorp that can be used for disaster relief.