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Our shipping containers for sale

Discover Our Most Popular Shipping Containers for Sale. Find Your Best Match.

Discover an assortment of new & used shipping containers for sale that are provided in various types and sizes ranging from 6 ft to 45 ft in length. Find your best match below!

What are the most common uses for 40 ft & 20 ft shipping containers?


Cargo Transport

Tradecorp Indonesia offers new and used ISO standard shipping containers for sale. From our wide range of available shipping containers, you can choose the perfect shipping container that best suits your requirements.

Our Corten steel-designed shipping containers protect to your cargo during long shipments. They can be transported by different modes of transport due to their intermodal design. When using our quality shipping container for your cargo transport, you can ensure that your cargo will be safe for the entire shipment.



With our quality shipping containers for sale, adding additional storage capacity to your warehouse is more efficient thanks to their durability, scalability, and affordability. Our Corten steel-designed containers are a secure storage option for your products because they are wind and watertight. They can have a long life if routine maintenance is carried out.

If you are facing space restraints, our shipping containers for sale can be stacked 7 units high. The ability to stack these shipping containers can increase the efficiency of your available storage space. Plus, there are no costly expenses for extensions or modifications to the existing facility.

Moreover, if you require a temperature-controlled storage environment, Tradecorp Indonesia recommends our refrigerated shipping containers for sale. These units can offer storage at controlled temperatures from -70℃ to 30℃.

When reviewing the project costs for either traditional construction or using ISO shipping containers for sale, it is easy to see the benefits of using shipping containers due to their durability, scalability, low costs, and the speed at which they can be operational.


Office Container

Need an office solution for your project site? Contact Tradecorp Indonesia to review our wide range of portable office containers. 

Tradecorp Indonesia can custom design an office container for your project, or you can choose from one of our stock models. Typically, Tradecorp Indonesia uses either new or used shipping containers for sale and modifies them into a portable office. Generally, our most common sizes for our office containers are 10 ft, 20 ft, 30 ft, and 40 ft options.

Tradecorp’s office containers can be equipped with insulation, functioning doors and windows, electrical items, internal appliances, and furniture as guided by your requirements. The customization options for a shipping container office are endless.



Introducing re-purposed shipping containers as pop-up shops in malls, vacant lots, or urban spaces is common in today’s shopping culture. Re-purposed pop-up shop containers unite creative architecture and businesses. They offer an engaging physical shopping experience and make the best use of temporary locations with high foot traffic.

You can modify shipping containers for a series of affordable pop-up shops. Our new or used 20 ft and 40 ft shipping containers for sale are stackable and easy to install into larger structures. Whether you are refitting used containers or optimizing brand-new ones to start your container shop business, Tradecorp Indonesia can provide you with valuable solutions and designs from our existing stock of new and used shipping containers for sale.



Café & Restaurants

Looking for a container café or restaurant to start or expand your business? Contact Tradecorp Indonesia to discover our wide range of designs that will be the perfect fit for your business. Containerised shopfronts for either cafés or restaurants make a great solution due to their transportable nature.

If the desired location is not performing as perceived, you can easily relocate to a new area to gain better exposure. Tradecorp Indonesia can help you to convert shipping containers for sale into coffee bars, gelato kiosks, fast food restaurants, bakery & cake cafés. Full turnkey solutions for all basic amenities, including electrical power, plumbing, insulation, and external & internal appliances can also be provided as requested.



Accommodation Units & Houses

Want to have an accommodation unit built from shipping containers? Tradecorp Indonesia can offer a wide range of existing designs or can custom design as your requirement demands. Shipping containers for sale provide an excellent alternative to brick-and-mortar structures.  

They are creative solutions for portable yet comfortable living spaces like homes and accommodation units. Student housing, mining and construction site accommodation units, holiday cabins, and dormitories are a few examples of shipping containers converted into portable living space. Using our modular and stackable shipping containers for sale, Tradecorp Indonesia can help you build up if your space is restricted or build out as wide as you like for your spacious area.  

Our shipping containers for sale are prefabricated and transportable to the on-site location for installation. Tradecorp Indonesia offers the modification of shipping containers into accommodation and houses complete with custom electrical installed, functioning doors and windows, insulation, and running water just like conventional housing structures.


Tradecorp Indonesia provides high quality shipping containers for sale or rent in Indonesia

For Tradecorp Indonesia, industry-leading quality is our main priority. Thorough inspections of new and used shipping containers are our way to maintain the highest quality containers that Tradecorp Indonesia offers for sale.

Tradecorp Indonesia supplies only Corten steel-designed shipping containers with corrugated walls. Our wide range of versatile shipping containers that are available in various sizes has these specifications which make them durable, weatherproof, corrosion-resistant, watertight, and secure. Tradecorp Indonesia believes that these specifications enable our shipping containers to support your project goals.

Need new or used shipping containers to support your projects? Tradecorp Indonesia has got you covered. Please fill out the quote, and our sales team will contact you to discuss your requirements.

For Sale/Rent Shipping Container in Bali with Best Prices. New/Used Modular Container, Office Container Shipping Container, Container House, Prefabricated House, Prefabricated Office 20 feet, 40 feet size available!

Tradecorp Indonesia Logistics is a safe and smooth delivery option

Tradecorp Indonesia provides an all-in-one solution for our clients. Not only does Tradecorp Indonesia offers our shipping containers for sale, but Tradecorp Indonesia can also provide delivery options for our clients using our operated trucks.

By using our trucks, Tradecorp Indonesia can guarantee our clients the best pricing for delivery. Tradecorp Indonesia ensures the ordered containers are safely transportable from our depots to the target destination by either our trucks or by container vessel when required.

Tradecorp Indonesia can use different transport methods for shipping container delivery as your project site requires. To ensure secure and smooth delivery, please discuss with our team who will give advice on the best logistics option for your project site.

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