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A high cube container is the most ideal for shipping or storing cargo that has a large volume. this container high cube made with the finest Corten steel for its frame and a high-quality corrugated steel wall panel. That is why it is strong and long-lasting. Each of our brand-new high cube containers carries a valid CSC plate as it meets the ISO requirements.

So, you are allowed to use this container hc for international shipping purposes. We have containers in several sizes. 20 feet hc container, 40 feet high cube container, and also 45 feet. The large 45’ high cube size is perfect for those of you who want to store large items.

Our 40’ hc container is also perfect for container modification projects due to bigger space. For commercial applications, 40 high cube or 40 hc can fit up to 21 standard pallet size safely and appropriately.

The advantages of High Cube container:

  1. HC container can be equipped with an easy opening door, which enables you to operate the door even with one hand.
  2. Container hc Save you time and energy if your business requires you to load and unload cargo with a big volume.
  3. Enables to put a bigger cargo that doesn’t fit in the standard shipping container’s internal height. It will fit on 40’ high cube container.
  4. Container hc can be fitted with a rubber-sealed easy open door, durable plywood flooring, and a secure locking mechanism.
  5. It is weathertight, it can withstand extreme weather conditions, and strong enough to protect items that are stored inside the container high cube.
  6. Our 40 hc container can also comes with lashing rings that you can use to secure your cargo.

There is no need for you to worry because we can accommodate 40 high cube special customization and modification requests, and also help you arrange the delivery of your high cube containers to the requested location. Please let our staff know your requirements, and they will send to you the further details immediately.

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