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Damage goods mean losses to the company. Tradecorp will help you to prevent it from happening with our offshore containers. We have been an offshore container supplier for many years and we are here to give you a solution to avoid damage by using a unit that has good standards and quality to deal with the open sea weather during shipping. These offshore containers DNV is designed and built following the DNV 2.7-1 standard.


The meaning DNV is Det Norske Veritas. This is a foundation that makes and release many standard and certifications. One of them is DNV 2.7-1 a set of standards for offshore containers. An offshore container can be defined as a portable unit specially designed for repeated use in transporting goods. This unit comes with safety features to survive the extreme weather condition in an open sea.

Tradecorp as an offshore container supplier has several products of DNV containers such as open top containers, refrigerated containers, half height, and so on. We also provide various sizes for each of these units. All of the specification’s detail is available on each page.


Our offshore container can be used for transporting and storing equipment, tools, and supplies. Besides, DNV containers can be used to transport things for the oil and gas industry and also other sectors that have offshore activities. All DNV containers from Tradecorp is durable, wind, and watertight. Furthermore, all of these DNV containers are available for repeated and long term use. In addition, our units also come with cargo lashing points and forklift pockets. It has an anti-slip floor surface too.

DNV containers follow an international standard operation to make sure that your goods are secure during shipping. Our DNV container is equipped with a CSC plate for international shipping purposes. We can add additional facilities for your offshore containers DNV such as curtains, shelves, and lamps. We can fulfill your request to fit your needs.

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