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Recently, the popularity of container homes has been growing among the Indonesia society as they have their own attractiveness. Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia offers high quality and long-lasting containers that can be modified into any accommodation units you want. As proven by more than 30 years of experience since our company was established, we always have prioritized the strength, security, and sustainability of our containers. Get container in a wide range of sizes you can choose, in new or used conditions that only requires a very little touch up from Tradecorp Indonesia.

Advantages that Our container homes offer

Firstly, container homes are the current “it homes” because they are cost-efficient, fast to build, and effortless. Especially with us, you don’t have to worry as we can take care of everything from start to finish. Starting from the design process, choosing the right container, modification process, until shipment to the final destination. 

Moreover, Tradecorp container homes make you spend fewer maintenance fees to keep your house looking fresh. With only small repairs to prevent corrosion, your homes will still look fabulous even after many years.

Next, we can accommodate any container modification from a tiny house using a single container to a big house with several rooms and floors.  So, just tell us your requests in order to bring your dream house into reality.

Apart from their efficiencies, building your living establishment from shipping containers is actually a way for you to start living an eco-friendly life. There are plenty of containers that are still in their prime condition but are no longer put into use. Not to mention, most parts of containers are made from steel; thus, they still have a relatively long life cycle even in used condition. So, by reusing them for your house, you also take part in saving the environment.

In addition, it’s worth choosing us as your container home provider. With over 30 years of experience in the container industry, we have a long history including in arranging the delivery of containers in a safe manner.

Tradecorp container homes are also available in few main structure variations besides shipping containers. The options include modular, kit homes, portacamps and each of them has its own advantages and uniqueness. Finally, get a free consultation with our team regarding your dream container home that not only efficient but also attractive and eco-friendly

You can trust us to Build Your home

We have mini shipping containers and containers up to 40′ long to accommodate house design. Then, we can do modification work, such as installing doors, windows, partitions, electronic circuits, plumbing, and we can do it right away. In addition, we will prepare the finished unit so that it will survive and safely arrive during shipment either by sea or land.

Tradecorp Indonesia never stops innovating to provide the best service and produce shipping container products that meet international standards. Further, we also try to meet our promises by always deliver your order on time to maintain your trust in us.

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