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What is Rakita?

Rakita is a residential building that is now a housing trend for mining camps or construction projects.

The Rakita structure is specially designed using a strong steel frame built on a cement foundation. This house is equipped with windows, doors, and roof panels made of lightweight, strong, relatively fire-resistant, and anti-rust panels. This unit is ideal for those of you who need buildings with fast construction time.

Insulated panels are applied in Rakita so that the internal temperature in the room is perfect or not too hot and too cold. Rakita has the advantage of being able to be moved easily from one place to another. The work is quite easy and fast, which is no more than 1 day for the main construction, making Rakita a superior housing solution.

Other Modular Products


Flatpack share the same dimension with a standard 20 feet shipping container. that makes it intermodal, can be transported with other containers by truck, train or container ship.


Modbox provides the freedom to be combine or stacked. It is also slightly wider than a flatpack. It took only a few hours to assemble this unit with a few persons and a lifting equipment.


Popular among construction projects, K-house offers 2 and 3 storeys settings that can save space and accommodate more people it is also easy to assemble and dismantle. K House is also easy to transport.


Rakita is a very house like modular structrure that gives a spacious area, and privacy to the occupant. Although it is a modular structrure Rakita is strong and longlasting, providing a save and comfortable living quarter.

Rakita Features

Earthquake Resistant

Do you live in an earthquake-prone area? If yes, then now you don’t have to worry, Rakita is here as a solution for your residence. This building has relatively earthquake-resistant features.

Insulated Walls and Roof

Rakita construction uses 75mm walls and insulated roof panels that are cool, but still protect the building from natural elements. Rakita is the answer for those of you who live in projects located in remote places.

Resistant to Wind and Water

You don’t have to worry about bad weather that may often occur in your environment, quality and standard building materials make Rakita a wind and water-resistant residence.

Durable Steel Construction Structure

Rakita is built with a steel structure and steel door roof frame using strong steel. The steel is processed in such a way as to produce a strong and durable material.

Lightweight Design

We are not only concerned with the construction factor, the selection of lightweight materials also makes it easy for you to build Rakita anywhere. The supporting components of this residence are assembled in a single case ready to be shipped and installed at your location.

Easy Installation

Rakita has a modular housing nature, so installation is quite simple and does not require special tools. The Rakita installation is equipped with the required construction elements. You just need to prepare and use standard tools to assemble it.

Quick Work

If building a conventional house takes months or even years, using Rakita, you only need one day to build the main structure of one house. Not only that, Rakita’s work from unassembled to being a house is very labour-saving, which only requires a few people.

Advantages of Using Rakita

Best Quality

Tradecorp’s Rakita is an excellent quality residential building. The use of quality basic materials such as panels as thick as 75mm, as well as a strong steel structure, supports Rakita’s durable and sturdy construction. Free from insects as well as wind resistance and relatively fire resistance make this residence the first choice. The best quality Rakita made by Tradecorp is perfect for a variety of purposes.

Quick Installation

It only takes 1 day and you can already get the main structure from Rakita. This fast work is supported by an assembly that is neatly arranged in one piece and only requires simple tools, so you don’t need to look for special installation materials or tools. Rakita assembly requires only a few people, very effective for saving labour.

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