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Various Designs of Modified Containers

Modified Container Products from Tradecorp Indonesia

Container House

Modified container homes are residential buildings based on shipping container frames with sandwich panel walls designed for habitable houses.

Office Container

An office container is a modified container that transforms its function from a logistics shipping container into an office space. What does Tradecorp offer in terms of container modifications?

Cafe Container

Tradecorp Indonesia provides container modification services to transform containers into either two-storey or one-storey cafe containers. The available models are suitable for small to medium-sized food & beverage businesses. Their dimensions are suitable for placement in limited land areas.

Self Storage

Make Tradecorp Indonesia’s storage containers your best choice for modified container options for storing goods, products, or other cargo that require protection. Tradecorp equips storage warehouses with shelves, lights, exhaust fans, and other supporting features.

Generator Containers

When switching to portable generators to have an efficient and flexible electric generator model, turn to Tradecorp Indonesia. We offer modified genset containers tailored to your needs. Despite modifications, the features remain supportive in providing electrical energy.

Fuel Storage Container

Fuel availability can be ensured by utilizing fuel storage facilities as fuel containers. Tradecorp Indonesia presents modified fuel storage containers equipped with fuel pumps to support business activities that require fuel, whether gasoline or diesel.

Laundry Container

Start your laundry business faster by using a laundry container. Its simple design and sturdy construction make it suitable for placement on limited land areas. Tradecorp Indonesia innovates through modifying shipping containers into laundry containers with spaces and features that support washing and ironing activities.

Toilet Container

Switch to toilet containers for quick and flexible toilet procurement. Unlike concrete-based toilets, container toilets can help you save on expenses. Their models can be moved from one location to another, and they can be used for long periods of time.

Dapur Container (Kitchen)

The use of modified containers as kitchens is effective in supporting cooking activities and food and beverage service in the food and beverage industry, accommodation (hospitality), and field projects. The kitchen container innovation from Tradecorp Indonesia carefully considers comfort aspects in cooking in every kitchen container design.

Container Data Center

Create convenience in data center procurement by ordering a Container Data Center from Tradecorp Indonesia. These modified containers function as storage spaces for devices or server rooms that are easily transportable and deployable. The available space can accommodate all necessary IT equipment and other components required in a data center.

Swimming Pool Container

Constructing a concrete diving pool incurs significant costs. By modifying containers, you can have an affordable swimming pool. Swimming Pool Containers from Tradecorp Indonesia offer advantages as they are portable, cost-effective, quick to install, sturdy, and environmentally friendly.

Store Container

Start your budget-friendly business by investing in a store container. Its functional design helps you operate small to medium-sized businesses in strategic locations. Despite not being made of concrete, the building structure is robust and the materials are corrosion-resistant, allowing for long-term use.

The Advantages of Container Modification at Tradecorp

Experienced and Trusted

Tradecorp Indonesia has been experienced and trusted in container modification since 1990.

Supplier of Various Types of Containers

Various types of shipping containers and modifications are available at Tradecorp to meet market demands.

High Standard and Certified

The container products we offer have undergone a high standard process and are worked on by certified workers.

National Standard and ISO Certified Products

The container-based products we sell have met national standards and obtained ISO certification.

Best Modification Services

We are ready to fulfill modification requests for various needs, ranging from offices, dormitories, toilets, warehouses, swimming pools, generators, fuel storage, to cafes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tradecorp Indonesia has several years of experience in shipping container modification. Tradecorp Indonesia has developed quality tried and tested designs for Portacamps, medical clinics, insulated containers, container cafes, pop-up shops, event kiosks, etc.

In recognition of our experience and the quality of our products, Tradecorp Indonesia was awarded the supply of modified units to support various national events including the 2018 Asian Games, PON XX PAPUA 2021, and the 2022 Formula E.

Below are some examples of our modified shipping containers. However, our talented design teams and technicians can help you to create any shipping container conversion appropriate to your requirement.

1. Medical clinics
2. Portacamp
3. Coal bin containers
5. Generator units
6. Office containers
7. Storage units
8. Insulated containers
9. Ablution units

1. Hoardings and gantries
2. Passage containers
3. Coal bins
4. Refrigerated container
5. Generator units
6. 3-in-1 construction unit
7. Self storage units
8. Hospitality and retail
9. Changing rooms
10. Fuel storage

Many features can be added to our self-storage units. Our talented technicians can modify the containers to include the following items:

  • roll-up doors/ Oversized doors/ Easy open doors,
  • Insulation/ Divider walls
  • Shelving/ Racking
  • Electrics/ lighting
  • Lockboxes

Our 3IN1 units are based on a ‘plug and play’ concept combining three facilities into the one unit. These units can be customized in size and facilities to suit every customers requirement, the repurposed containers versatility makes them an ideal solution for many different applications, they can be designed to include a canopy creating a large dry area ideal for workshops or storage. 

3-in-1 constructions are available in a multitude of sizes according to your business needs. They can be made compact for a site where space is a constraint, or they can be vast structures that can include canopies for shelter.


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