Insulated Shipping Container

What is Insulated Shipping Container? Well, it has a similar concept to an icebox, except it comes in shipping container sizes to accommodate transport of temperature-sensitive products in large quantities. Given that, it is the lite version of refrigerated containers (reefers).

Cut the costs of transporting sensitive cargo

Imagine when your business involves delicate items, such as fresh products, pharmaceutical products, plants, or chemicals. Those products are sensitive to temperature changes and heat intolerance. For instance, without proper transportation units, fresh food products may spoil. Moreover, pharmaceutical drugs may change their composition due to temperature changes.

Now, you need to transport them to someplace in a relatively short distance. You will require a special insulated container that can maintain temperature. We know you can use a reefer but let us be honest; that unit is not that cost-effective for short trips.

Besides, the reefer is normally offered for sale or hire at a higher price. For that reason, Tradecorp introduces you to Insulated Shipping Container.

Benefits of an insulated shipping container?

Reduce expenses on your business cold chain distribution. These containers serve as great cold shipping boxes for transporting your sensitive cargo in a short distance. We ensure to completely seal the unit so no air can leave or enter the box.

That way, there will not be any temperature fluctuation, and your product will remain fresh throughout the short distribution trips. Furthermore, your cargo is safe from contamination, bacteria, and moisture damage.

Available for sale and hire

If you are looking for insulated shipping boxes, we have got you covered! We offer both buy and rental options for these units. That way, you can immediately get these cold shipping boxes to improve your cold chain distribution. Contact us now or ask for a quote to get the price of our containers right away!


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