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Shipping container restaurant is a growing trend in modern design. It is a suitable solution for food and beverage businesses. We can convert this shipping container into a food stall, container cafe, container bar, etc.

Usually, making a cafe is constrained by land size and permanent building concepts. With shipping containers, you can build a restaurant or cafe faster and more efficiently. Choosing shipping containers as your main building material will give you the freedom to apply your own concept to your container cafe or container bar such as minimalist or industrial.

The advantages of shipping container restaurant:

  • Cafe containers, container bars, food stall containers are made of Corten steel. It will last longer. Resistant to extremes weather, strong winds, heavy rain, storms.
  • Shipping container restaurant construction is considered a temporary building, so you do not need to worry about building permits like a permanent one.
  • You do not need a large area for your container cafe, food, and drinks that you sell can be served as takeout food.
  • Cafe containers, food stall containers are more flexible. They are very easy to move from one location to another location.
  • The cost you need for making a cafe container is much more affordable than making a permanent building. You can make your own design and put your logo on your shipping container restaurant.

Let Us Provide Your Needs

We can accommodate special customization and modification requests so that the container will suit your needs. You can request doors, hatches, ventilation, colors, exhaust, power outlet, and many more. Please let our staff know your requirements and they will help you immediately. We can also help you arrange the delivery of your container restaurant, cafe, and bar.


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