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Flat Rack Container For Sale in Indonesia

Transporting and shipping items with unique dimensions is often difficult because there is no proper transportation solution. We have a Flat Rack Container that can be used for transporting vehicles or big heavy-duty machinery that may not be suited if you use the standard dry freight container. Our flat rack may be the best solution for shipping goods with unique shapes. A flat rack is a unit made to transport unusual goods.

Such as heavy equipment and various items with odd shapes. A flat rack is an open container built for bulky cargo. Besides transport, this unit can also be the solution for storing the item. You can add a tarpaulin to protect it from natural elements. Tradecorp has 2 types of these flat rack open containers. These containers come with Fixed Ends and Collapsible Ends. As their name describes the collapsible ends have an end that can collapse while the fixed end comes with rigid and strong front and back sides.

Flat Rack Container Dimensions

Our flat storage containers come in 2 different sizes. It’s 20ft and 40ft. Flat rack dimensions are different depending on their size. They both are heavy-duty and ideal for any kind of heavy cargo. The specification of this unit is available on each product page.

Uses of Flat Rack Container

The most common object we transport with our flat storage container is heavy cargo such as machinery, crane, wood, large pipes, trucks, and even ships. They are also widely used in the coal mining, construction, petroleum, and other mining industries because their structure makes big heavy objects easy to transport.

All that bulky stuff will be safe during shipping because our flat rack comes with multiple lashing points. These lashing points are created to secure the unit during delivery. The cargo can be tied from several sides. They will be safely tied down. This type of open container is for sale and hire at Tradecorp Indonesia with the best price and quality.

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