20' Flat Rack (Blue)


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Product Description

Tradecorp has a 20 ‘Flat Rack which has a heavy-duty frame for carrying a variety of large and heavy cargoes. Also items with unusual dimensions that cannot be loaded in standard containers.

This type comes with 2 types, fixed ends and collapsible ends. The difference between these two types is on the front and back. For fixed ends types, the front and back cannot be folded, while the collapsible ends have a front and back side that can be folded.

20 ‘Flat Rack (blue)

The type we’re presenting this time is a 20 feet flatrack with collapsible ends. The main material of this unit is steel which is resistant to corrosion and the extreme weather that may be encountered during the journey to its destination. The floor of this unit is equipped with wood which is sturdy and strong enough to withstand heavy loads.

The types of goods or cargo that this unit can carry are large items that cannot be fitted in standard containers such as buses, large machinerys, large pipes, heavy equipment and others. These containers are also widely used for industries such as petroleum, coal, construction and mining because the structure of this unit makes large goods or cargo easy to transport.

This container follow international ISO standards so it is safe to use. The new flatrack containers are equipped with CSC plates to allow overseas travel.

Flatrack is equipped with multiple lashing points at several places with the function to tie the item down so that the good being carried do not fall over and is safe during the shipping process. This unit is also equipped with forklift pockets which can make the process of moving the unit using a forklift.

Tradecorp has new and used condition flatracks with guaranteed quality. The cost of shipping this unit can also be cut because 4 flatracks with collapsible ends closed, if stacked will have the same size as one 20ft general purpose container.

We can help arrange for the safe and effective way to deliver the unit to your location. You can also pick it up directly from one of our depots that provide the unit of your choice.


External dimensions : L 20 x W 8 ‘x H 8’ 6 ‘
Tare Weight : 2,800 kg
Max Payload : 31,200 kg
Max Cargo : 34,000 kg