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Open Top Container

Shipping cargos with excess height will be safe with our open top shipping container. It’s a container that comes in standard 20’ and 40’ sizes with a removable top. This open top is made of high-quality steel that can last over 10 years.

Our open top is durable and has the ability to face harsh weather conditions during the shipping process. By using a rectangular storage container with an open top you can transport and store your cargo safely.

Tradecorp has 2 types of sizes for this open-top such as 40ft and 20ft, they have the same function but with different transport capacities. This open top box is available in 2 conditions: new and used.

Uses of the open top container

Some cargo can not fit in a standard shipping container such as mining products like coal, oil, or pipes of varying lengths, steel ore, steel plate, and many more can use a rectangular storage container with an open top for the best solution.

The open part of the container is useful for facilitating the loading process of goods such as scrap metal, logs, or other oddly shaped items. The open top loading and unloading process using a crane is easy and efficient right from the top of the unit.

Modification of open top box

Our open top can be modified. You can ship the container with a soft top or a hard top. This open top box comes with standard doors. We can do a modification for the door, change it into a no door or single door depending on your needs.

Many kinds of cargos with a unique dimension or shape can be fitted with this container. You can choose your best option sizes for your cargo needs. We offer you the best solution with the best price and quality!

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