20' Open Top with Soft Top Container (White)

Product Description

Tradecorp has 20′ Open Top with Soft Top Container units which can carry a large number of items. Open Top Container is suitable for transporting cargo that is too tall for a standard container.

The open top feature is the the top of the unit that opens and this unit also equipped with a standard door feature on the rear of the unit to facilitate the loading process of goods. In addition, there are 4 locking bars on the door so that the goods or cargo inside remain secure during the shipping process.

20 ′ Open Top with Soft Top Container

We can provide tarpaulin to cover the open top for those of you who want your unit to be closed properly. In addition, this container is also equipped with forklift pockets to make it easier to move.

This unit is safe and suitable for long-term use as it is made of high quality Corten steel. This unit is resistant to corrosion and extreme weather that will be encountered during the shipping process.

This type is commonly used for the delivery of objects such as pipes, chains, cables and steel poles. In addition, this unit can also be used to transport mining products such as iron ore, coal and others.

20′ Open Top with Soft Top Container follow international ISO standards so it is safe and suitable to be used. Each of our new units is equipped with a CSC plate for overseas shipments.

We have several color options for this unit. For the top, we can modify it with soft-top, hard-top, and open-top according to your request.

We can assist you in taking your order by arranging a safe and effective delivery directly to your desired location. You can also pick it up directly from one of our depots that provide the unit of your choice.


External dimensions : L 20 ‘x W 8’ x H 8.6 ‘
Tare Weight : 2,350 kg
Max Payload : 28,130 kg
Max Cargo : 30,840 kg