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ModBox Coal Mining Camp

Mining is the activity of extracting valuable materials from the Earth for their economic value. These materials are mostly related to energy and raw materials for the manufacturing industry. Mining has a long history in human civilization. Many mining activities occur in remote places, so portable camps are needed.

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ModBox Coal Mining Camp Gallery

ModBox Coal Mining Camp Gallery

ModBox offers numerous advantages for coal mining projects

These benefits make modular building an attractive option for mining projects, where speed, cost, and safety are critical factors.

ModBox consists of modules or parts that can be assembled much faster compared to constructing traditional brick-and-mortar buildings. Reduction in construction time allows for the availability of employee accommodation sooner, enabling coal mining operations to start more quickly.

ModBox components or modules are constructed in a controlled factory environment. The quality of all ModBoxes is maintained at the same standard. Inside a factory, the impact of weather and other variables that can affect product quality can be reduced. 

ModBox can be easily reconfigured. They can be joined, stacked, or partitioned to create the space required. Modular buildings can also be relocated to another project site. They have versatile use for mining projects from small security posts to large worker accomodation.

ModBox construction can offer significant cost savings compared to traditional building methods. Particularly in remote locations where transportation and other logistical costs can be high. This will bring down the total operational cost for mining projects.

By constructing modules in a controlled factory environment, the potential for accidents and injuries on-site is also reduced. The process of construction on project locations takes fewer steps, fewer workers, and less time compared to permanent building therefore less risk of an accident. 

Modular buildings are considered eco-friendly. This is because they can be reused and produce less construction waste compared to the traditional construction method. This is beneficial because mining companies are subject to more environmental regulations and policies.

ModBox for Housing

We supply hundreds of modboxes for mining camps, one of which is the coal mining camp in Sumatra. The modboxes we provide for this project are:

Senior Staff Housing

A senior staff member needs a modular house to settle down temporarily and take a break from mining activities. Generally, these modular homes have adequate facilities such as beds and air conditioning. Not only that but this modbox residence can also be used for indoor meeting activities.

Non-Staff Mess

For non-staff mess, which is not small, we provide employee work mess for mining workers’ modular housing that can be dismantled and reassembled in another place. This prefabricated mining employee mess house product from Modbox can withstand rain and wind which is very suitable for housing workers in the field.

Junior Staff Mess

Not only senior staff, but the junior staff of course also need a modular house to rest. However, the size of the modbox junior staff house is smaller than the senior house. But this housing still gives a decent accomodation.


We also provide worship facilities such as mosques in mining areas, our modular mosques are very portable and can withstand bad weather.


A kitchen is urgently needed in the mining area to supply food for the mining workers. We provide this mining camp with kitchen building with ModBox as primary structure.


Health facilities such as clinics are indispensable in mining areas. Mining projects are usually located in remote locations far from medical facilities so we need to build our own.

ModBox for Operational

Security POST

Mining areas require security posts to monitor activities so that they run properly. This post must of course be portable and it would be better if it has a built in balcony for monitoring the surrounding area by officers.

Management Office

Even though mining projects have a lot of outdoor activities. This project still requires an office for management and meeting activities. We provide a modular office that can be assembled as needed.

Maintenance Storage

Mining projects certainly have a lot of equipment that is used every day, and for that we provide modular storage to store mining equipment so that it is not damaged and can be arranged properly.


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