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Every building construction site offices usually requires a field office or site office. Construction is the activity of making a structure from many elements based on a plan. The most common construction projects are buildings and roads. These projects will require site offices, equipment storage, and labor camps.

Our construction site offices and Prefab Units containers can meet those needs

And much more that we can offer. And all the products we offer are made to be movable.

A number of conveniences Tradecorp provides to help meet the needs of these construction containers. We are able to fulfill orders in large or small quantities for different types of containers to suit individual needs.

In addition to the various container units to choose from, various modifications can be made to the container units to meet the needs or desires of the project.

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Tradecorp can provide project offices aka site offices and project beds or project worker barracks for housing needs for workers in mining and plantation sites. Our experience in construction and container accommodation ensures you get the best service and satisfactory results.

All units that Tradecorp provides for construction needs can be modified according to your wishes and needs. Furniture, electrical, floor and wall can be installed according to client’s request. Our service coverage extends from Sabang to Merauke. We can serve and fulfill your container needs throughout Indonesia

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