Mini Shipping Container

Product Description

The Mini container is a small shipping container with smaller sizes that can be used for transporting goods. However, the unit can also be used as storage or a small warehouse which can be used at people’s houses. Transporting many kinds of goods in small volume sometimes is hard to do but it is easy by using our mini containers.

Storing your stuff at home is safe with a small storage container. A Small container or mini containers from Tradecorp is made out of corten steel. It is durable and can be used for a long period. Furthermore, our small shipping container comes with a rigid roof and heavy-duty doors. These features would secure any cargo inside the unit from natural elements.

This small storage container has a wind and watertight feature that make the goods inside safe during shipping. The small shipping container comes in 3 different sizes. There are 10ft, 8ft, and 6ft. They all have the same feature with different capacities. For every size, detailed information is available on the product pages.

Small Container Modifications

Our small container can be modified into several types such as private workspaces, ticket booths, coffee shops, food stands, and so on. Our company opens the opportunity for our clients to tell us what kind of modifications they need.

We have a special bundle of small storage containers. It’s Mini Sets Shipping Container that consists of two 10’ containers, two 8’ containers, and two 6’ containers. Two of these units will be attached back to back, and turning it into one single unit.

Tradecorp Mini containers Sets can be shipped in the same size as a 20’ General Purpose Container, so it becomes the best solution to save shipping costs. We offer you the best used and new containers for sale and hire at Tradecorp Indonesia.

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