6' Mini Shipping Container


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Let us introduce you to the most compact container we have, the 6’ Mini Shipping Container. With only 6’ long, 6.5’ wide, and 6.1’ tall, this container can fit very well even in tight spaces.

Tradecorp’s 6’ Mini Shipping container comes with standard double doors at the rear end, forklift pockets, long-lasting plywood flooring, four bars locking system, and a sturdy body.

Although it is small, this container offers the same amount of security and endurance to be your household tool storage, inventory storage unit, hobby/sports equipment storage space, even cargo transport unit.

Every brand new 6’ Mini Shipping Container is made following the international standards. Then, a safety inspection is also carried out to ensure that the container is safe to use. Given that, we include the CSC plate as proof that your container passes the safety inspection.

Considering quality is our top priority, you don’t have to worry about the longevity and durability of your container. It remains strong throughout its life, even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. That’s because of the Corten steel sides, doors, frames, and understructure.

Next, we can cater modification requests of this container. You can ask us to include a lockbox, special type of flooring, rolling door, air ventilation, windows, exhaust fan, or any other modifications. Also, this type of container is available in DNV standards to support offshore activities.

Furthermore, moving 6’ Mini Shipping Container around from one location to other locations will be much easier due to its size. But of course, we can help to arrange the shipment until your container reaches the requested location. Lastly, if you order Mini Shipping Container in all the different sizes, we can ship it as one since we can fit the smaller one inside bigger containers.


External dimensions : L 6’ x W 6.5’ x H 6.1’
Volume : 5.45 m³
Tare weight : 800 kgs
Max payload : 4.400 kgs
Max cargo : 5.200 kgs