Tradecorp’s 10’ Mini Shipping Container is the biggest one available among the Mini Shipping Container series. Although it’s the biggest one, it still can fit in such a tight space, considering it’s only 10’ long, 8’ wide, and 8.6’ tall.

This type of container is built using the best quality of Corten steel that capable to prevent corrosion. Moreover, we also design it to have corrugated wall panels, easy-to-maintain plywood floors, secure double doors, and forklift pockets.

Equipped with powerful features, you can expect this container to be as durable and likely to endure as much as large shipping containers. It can keep your goods safe from external elements, including water, wind, and the sun.

Our 10’ Mini Shipping Container is ideal not only for storage space. But also for moving small cargo as well as limitless conversion projects. For instance, we can modify this type of container for you and turn it into a ticket booth, coffee shop, food stand, boutique/store, personal office, and more. Not to mention, this container adapts well in both indoor and outdoor.

Furthermore, new containers will carry a valid CSC certificate as proof that it passes the safety inspection and is safe to use. On top of that, we make available this type of container following the DNV standard to accommodate offshore activities.

Additionally, because of its compact size, it will take less effort to move the 10’ Mini Shipping Container around.

Of course, there are many customizations and modifications we can do to upgrade this container to suit your needs.

Also, if you buy the three Mini Shipping Containers at three different sizes, we can ship it as one because it fits inside one another perfectly. Lastly, our professional staff is very happy to help arrange the delivery of your order to its destination.


External dimensions : L 10’ x W 8’ x H 8.6’
Volume : 16 m³
Tare weight : 1.250 kgs
Max payload : 10.000 kgs
Max cargo : 11.250 kgs