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At Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia, we have a host of quality mini containers available. A compact but durable way to transport and store items, mini containers are a viable solution for people with space constraints or more specialised needs. However, they still give plenty of space to accommodate larger items in a safe and secure items.

Get Quality Mini Containers from Tradecorp Shipping Indonesia​

No matter whether you have an industrial or domestic application in mind for your mini container, we’ll give you quality containers. We’re source mini containers at cost-effective pricing, and we pass these savings to our customers. You’ll be able to quickly find and order the correct container to suit your needs. Additionally, you’ll get your mini container direct from the source with no third-party interference. This streamlines the buying process, and it also helps to keep costs low. 

We keep all of our containers in excellent shape and ready to go. You can choose from both new and used options, but you’ll enjoy quality either way. We work to maintain our containers and keep them watertight. Combine this with the heavy steel doors, and you have a solid storage option that fits beautifully in a smaller space. 

Customise Your Mini Container to Increase the Functionality​

You don’t have to stop at a standard mini container with Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia. Instead, we give you several options to customise your container to make it more suitable for you. For example, maybe you plan to use your container as ad-hoc office. You’ll need good airflow to make it comfortable, and adding extra vents can help. We can add a single vent or multiple vents to your container. 

We also offer internal door release systems. These systems make your doors easier to operate, and are great safety features. If you accidentally close the container, you can use the release systems to open the doors quickly and easily. 

Trust Tradecorp Shipping Containers Indonesia for Fast Shipping​

We bring our experience and our dedication to each client we work with. We’ve streamlined our shipping process, and we can arrang the delivery by sea, rail, truck or a combination of all three to get them to you. We also have delivery depots all over Australia, and this reduces the time between you ordering your new container and it arriving at your location. 

We’ll take care of all of the logistics while you concentrate on how you’re going to use your new container. If you hire it, we’ll come and pick it up as soon as you contact us. For just dollars a day, you can have the mini shipping container you need. 

Specifications 6′ Hi-Cube Container
External Length 1980 mm
External Width 1950 mm
External Height 1910 mm
Internal Length/td>

1800 mm
Internal Width 1860 mm
Internal Height 1730 mm
Weight 450 kg

Ready to get your new mini shipping container sent straight to your door? Whether you want to buy one or hire we, we invite you to check out our new and used stock. Get in touch with our staff today!