Tradecorp Duocon Container

Cut the costs of delivering 10 feet shipping containers with Duocon Container. It consists of two 10 feet containers that are attached back-to-back to create one single unit. You will be able to reduce expenses while fulfilling your needs for small storage space and transportation solutions.

Pay less for two 10 feet container

If you need small steel storage containers or transportation units to ship a small number of items, you may want to go with this one. It has the same dimension as the 20 feet ISO containers.

For that reason, it is cheaper to transport compared to shipping two 10 feet containers by sea.Upon arrival, you can separate it to get yourself two 10’ shipping containers.

Easy to transport

Shipping your cargo by the sea with 10 feet containers may not be a beneficial option for you. There are not many sea freight companies who are willing to ship containers of that size.

If you do find one, they might charge you almost as much as shipping the 20 feet container. Therefore, you can reduce spending on shipping fees by using a container of this type.

Strong. Secure. Sturdy

Corten stell construction – This material is well-known for its durability and rust-resistant capability. By using high-quality Corten steel, our containers will give its best performance throughout many years.

Windtight and watertight – Minimize the risk of getting your cargo damaged. It is carefully designed to prevent wind and water from entering, to keep your cargo safe and secure.

Survive extreme conditions – The use of Corten steel enables them to remain strong when facing a harsh climate. Our containers can withstand high sun exposure or massive snowstorms without problems.

When you should choose duocon container

  • Need 10 feet shipping containers
  • Have small storage needs
  • Want to separate steel storage container
  • For small building conversion projects
  • Have limited space available

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