Some items at home that are used occasionally can be a problem as things pile up at your house. You may need some shed, garage, or storage space for your stuff. Not just a house, storage space can also be a problem in office buildings that doesn’t make plans to prepare their self storage.


Shipping container storage is the best solution if you need storage space. We also do the modification from a standard unit into a workshop storage unit base on your workshop storage ideas. This unit can be used to make your items more organized.

We can offer you our shipping container storage with features such as shelves, lights, exhaust fan, and air-con. These storage containers are available for sale or rent to make your self shed.

The facility inside the container such as the door, window, and so on can be modified to fit your needs. We can modify the door into a rolling door to make an easy open and close process.

Type of storage units

We have several types of shipping container storage. We have a storage container with air-con and butcher door, A tool storage container, Storage container with a rolling door, and we can make your workshop storage ideas come true. They are safe, weathertight, and portable. All of the specifications detail is available on each page.

The self storage unit can be used at your house. You can put it in the backyard. You don’t need to worry because we can offer you any type of units in new or used condition at the best price.

This shipping container storage can also be used for your building to make your office shed. Furthermore, they are available for industry and other sectors of life. We make many workshop storage ideas into reality. Many companies using storage container because it provides a strong and safe place for their tools, supplies, materials, and equipment.

You can request the modification inside the units to fit your storage needs. Tradecorp provides new or used high-quality storage for sale and rent.


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