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Tradecorp Roll Trailer

Roll trailer is a heavy-duty platform that is very helpful for moving containers and bulky cargo in ports and industrial areas.

Heavy-duty Transport Made Easy

Roll trailer is specially built for heavy-duty trucking of shipping containers and heavy equipment. It is more effective than flat rack containers, especially in maritime and industrial applications. The set of rear wheels enables them to move without the help of container trucks or chassis. The frame and platform can withstand more weight than any other type of container. The simple operation makes it fast and effortless to move from one point to another.

How it Works

Very simple! There is no lifting necessary. First, place the cargo on top of the rollback trailer, then secure it correctly. Next, to pull the units, a heavy-duty tug master will need to insert the gooseneck into the gooseneck tunnel. The tunnel is at the front end of the trailer. Then the operator carefully lifts it a little so that the trailer is in a ready position. Finally, the operator can carefully pull it around to the designated place.

The Advantages of Roll Trailer

  1. The rollback trailers we use meet the requirements to handle a higher payload.
  2. You can easily move it with tug masters in which more efficient than trucks.
  3. Safe handling process as there is no lifting necessary, unlike moving with flat rack.
  4. Suitable for heavy-duty trucking of heavy equipment and containers in one area.
  5. Our trailers have rounded edges to minimize damages in case of an accident.

Customize Your Own

This rollback trailer is generally available for sale and for hire they are made to accommodate standard container sizes. But of course, other sizes and capacities are available upon request to suit your needs.

Available for Sale and Hire

Directly purchase this unit from us to cut the middleman. We offer two options for you to acquire this unit, which are outright purchase and rental options.

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