80' Roll Trailer


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Product Description

Move heavy cargo efficiently and safely with Tradecorp 80’ Roll Trailer. Although it has some similarities to flat racks, this container comes with a robust structure and extra added features.

With this container, you will be able to reduce transit times, lower transport costs, and minimize risks when handling overweight shipments. The deck of this container is specifically designed to endure tonnes and tonnes of payload. It has a heavy-duty wooden platform that is suitable for carrying any general goods. Plus, this container has a set of wheels at the back for easy movement.

Furthermore, there is a gooseneck tunnel located at the front side to connect the container with the tug master. Once properly connected, you can safely pull it to the intended location. Keep in mind that moving it around with a tug master is only best within a short distance.

Our 80’ Roll Trailer is useful in harbor areas. Shipping ports handle hundreds of shipping containers every day. With the help of this roll trailer, they will be able to move multiple containers at once to save time. Furthermore, this type of container is also widely used for industrial applications to transport heavy equipment, machinery, and vehicles with ease.

Another thing, this container does not require a lot of space to store when empty. It is safe to lift it with a crane and stack it on top of one another.

Best of all, we can provide you this type of container in other lengths. You can also request for detachable or fix mounted gooseneck to suit your equipment. Additionally, we can customize it to have a different color and your company’s logo. Features upgrade is also possible, such as adding forklift pockets and cargo lashing rings.

Lastly, we have several depots located across Indonesia to ensure low delivery costs. Also, for an easy procurement process, we have experienced staff to help arrange the delivery of your 80’ Roll Trailer.



  • 80’ long enforced platform
  • Durable wooden deck
  • Gooseneck tunnel
  • A set of wheels