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Shipping Container Homes – Modular Buildings

Looking for an easy way to build a house? The shipping container homes from Tradecorp may be the best solution for you. Our shipping container house is available for sale and hire or rental if you need it for your projects, events, or construction sites. Shipping containers are not always made for carrying cargo. We can modify it into a shipping container house with a lot of uses.

Shipping Container Homes For Projects

Remote construction projects require accommodation for their workers. And they need an efficient way to construct them. By using our modular container, you can easily build a permanent or temporary accommodation unit.

Our shipping container homes are the best choice to create a modular structure in the construction area. The unit can be an accommodation unit that is fast and easy to build. These accommodation units are made of flat pack containers.

Other than that, builders can also use this unit to build an office, dorm, toilet, storage room, or any kind of building that needs to be built in the construction sites. The toilet flat packs container can be built as a temporary structure with many purposes to accommodate events.

Modular Container House

We can make modular containers into shipping container homes. We can build your modern modular container house with our units. It would be an amazing container home. You can create elegant or trendy designs for the interior and exterior. Modern modular container house specification and detail is available on each product page.

Our modular container can be modified into container homes. We can add some additional facilities inside your container homes such as furniture and kitchen sets. Tradecorp can also modify the doors, window, toilet to fit your needs.

Flat Pack Container for Housing

These shipping container homes are specially designed using the flat packs container that consists of a steel frame and has a lightweight wall panel system. Because it is light it is easy to move or transport.

Flat pack containers are durable and can survive over many years. It makes these units ideal for long-term usages. Furthermore, these units are also wind and water-resistant. This unit is safe to be used in disaster-prone regions.

Our high-quality modular container is available for sale or rental at the best prices. All of our containers were being maintained and kept in a safe place. You can make your dream home come true with our shipping container house.

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