20' Flat Packs Join Container

Product Description

Tradecorp 20’ Flat Packs Join Container is a very versatile, easy to assemble, highly portable construction. This type of container provides a spacious area to accommodate any of your needs. It consists of two flat packs containers that are attached side by side, giving you a total area of approximately 27m².

We equip this container with a professional-looking steel personnel door. There are rubber seals around it to prevent water from entering when raining. Furthermore, unlike standard container doors, this one is very convenient for daily use.

Upon entering, you will find a spacious empty area that you can turn into a productive office or meeting room. Additionally, this unit is excellent for storing equipment and tools temporarily or permanently. But of course, it is also great for accommodation, kitchen, toilet, hotels, and many more.

The basic structure of our 20’ Flat Packs Join Container consists of a roof frame, floor frame, wall panels, and corner posts. We pack all those materials using a flat packing method for easy and cheap transport. While still in the packaging, you can order 4 flat packs containers and ship them as 1 20ft standard size. Furthermore, once assembled, this type of container will share the same external dimension as the standard 20ft container.

Ultimately, this container is earthquake and wind-resistant. Thus, it can provide you security when a disaster occurs or if it is placed in a disaster-prone area. Following that, this type of container is also perfect for disaster relief facilities, such as hospitals, shelters, etc.

Our 20’ Flat Packs Join Container is highly customizable. You can discuss your requirements with us then we can come up with a suitable design for your situation.

To make things easier, we can help arrange the delivery of the unit straight to the location you wish. Of course, you are welcome to pick it up directly from one of our depots that provide the unit of your choice.


External dimensions : L 20 ‘x W 8’ x H 8’6

  • Roof frame
  • Floor frame
  • Wall panels
  • Steel personnel door (double leaf)