Modular House


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Product Description

Modular House is an excellent choice to fulfill your housing needs. It is fast to build because most of the construction process takes place in a factory. Plus, you can place it anywhere as long as it is on solid and stable ground.

This unit uses a sandwich panel construction method. Thus, its structure consists of lightweight steel frames and sandwich panels. With this type of construction, the building will be very portable, easy to install, and most importantly, affordable.

There are three types of sandwich panels you can choose, namely polyurethane, rockwool, and expanded polystyrene. Rockwool is the best option because it provides excellent thermal control and soundproof. Meanwhile, polyurethane offers good temperature control. As for expanded polystyrene, it has the lowest price, and it is also fast to manufacture.

Although it is fast and cheap to construct, it is almost as comfortable as regular houses. Many mining businesses use it to provide accommodation for their workers. Besides, it is also great for a family home and student housing.

Modular HouseWe can build this unit according to your budget. Because you will determine the size and both of the house exterior and interior design will follow your specifications. In addition to that, you can request different types and different colors of windows, doors, roofs, and floors. We can also add partition walls on the inside to separate rooms.

Not to mention, the materials used in our Modular House ensure its long lifespan and great strength towards extreme conditions.

Ultimately, all construction materials, fixtures, and features to build 150sqm of modular construction can fit inside a 40ft High Cube Container. That way, it will be much easier and cheaper to transport.

Lastly, we have the ability to handle both small and big modular construction project requests. Do not hesitate to contact us and to discuss your needs.