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Coal Bin Container: Multipurpose Coal Container

Indonesia is one of the largest coal supplier countries globally and is one of the largest export commodities at this time. Coal is also a commodity that is sought after by consumers both domestically and abroad. Coal is widely used as a source of energy for power plants, as a raw material for making gas (coal gasification), the chemical industry, the aluminum industry, paper, and pharmaceutical purposes. For this reason, Tradecorp provides a special container that functions as a place to store and transport coal, namely a coal bin container.

A coal bin is a container that has special features for loading and storing coal as one of the mine products that can burn. Coal needs to be given a special container for storage so that its quality is maintained. The Coal Bin’s special feature is that it can keep the coal dry and safe because it has a water drain system and a special door locking mechanism.

Coal Bin Container Features

This unit is available in 20’ft and features an open door on each side. This serves to make it easier to unload cargo more quickly and efficiently. That way, this type of container helps increase efficiency for coal mining companies or businesses that need a constant supply of coal.

Apart from the doors that can open on all sides, we also have a drainage system designed to prevent water buildup in the container. The water carried in the coal cargo will be separated directly by the presence of this drainage system. That way, the total weight of coal that you get during the weighing process is the actual weight because the cargo’s water has already left the container.

This container also has a lock feature with a locking system that prevents the door from opening accidentally during transportation from the drainage system. This container also meets ISO standards and is in new condition, equipped with a CSC plate. The plates only have an active period of five years from the time they are issued, and an active CSC plate is one of the requirements for containers to travel internationally.

Why Choose Our Coal Bin?

Our containers have many functions and advantages, so they are suitable for those who have a business in the coal mining sector. The advantages we have to include:

  1. Effective and Efficient – This container has 6 (six) doors that can be opened during the loading and unloading process, thus saving you time to unload so that work becomes faster and more effective.
  2. Has a Proven Drainage System – This unit has the floor equipped with a good drainage system that prevents the coal cargo from accumulating water, which can cause the weight of the coal received is not suitable.
  3. Durable – Our containers are made of corten steel resistant to weather changes and corrosion even when exposed to sun, rain, and wind. So you can use it for a long time and easy maintenance.
  4. Secure – It has a safe locking feature, so you don’t have to worry about your cargo spilling or falling and can be stored safely until its destination.
  5. Intermodal Transportation – These containers can be easily shipped using various transportation modes such as trucks, trains, and even ships because they can lift and move.

The features and advantages of the Tradecorp coal bin make all coal transportation and shipping needs easier and more practical. We provide the best container you need at quality prices. Contact us now to get the coal bin you need. Our team of experts will be quick to assist you.

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