Shipping Container Shop

Starting your own business place is easy with a shipping container shop from Tradecorp Indonesia. The idea of your dream shop would come true by using our outlet container. A shipping container shop is a store made of standard containers that are modified into a shop or it can be a booth container.

The main material of our shipping container shop is high-quality steel that can last over many years. Another feature is weather-resistant and not easy to corrode. Those features would make our containers ready for long-term usage.

We create many kinds of modification units that can suit your business needs such as an outlet container, booth container, and shipping container store. You can request custom features to make them perfect for your needs.

Time and Cost of building a shipping container shop

Creating a booth, outlet, cart for starting a business is a big decision to make. The cost of building the store might be a problem. Using our shipping container store for your shop will solve the problem. Our unit comes with lower costs compared to the traditional building.

The shop’s construction duration also needs to be considered. You may need just 1 week for making your shop and it can operate as soon as possible. You have solved another problem with our high-quality modified unit.

The advantage of having a shipping container store

Our container shop unit can also be used for a retail store by using the outlet containers. You do not need to construct a traditional building to sell the product from your brand.

Furthermore, another advantage of using a container is its portability, it is easy to move if you need to relocate your business to another location. Our unit is easy, quick to build, cost-effective, and has a unique design appearance to make your customer interested.

We will make your dream shipping container store come true

We are open to any custom and modification ideas and the opportunity to work with you. Together we can explore the interior and exterior design concepts and make your dream shop come true.

Simply tell us your wishes!, you can have your wonderful shop done by trusting Tradecorp Indonesia to handle your needs!


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