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Pop-up shops have become a retail strategy to build or strengthen brand awareness. These retail spaces are temporary, movable, and generally compact in size.  Their compact dimensions allow these versatile shop fronts to be placed in high-traffic areas where exposure to the public can be maximised. 

Shipping containers are the perfect solution for the creation of small pop-up shops. This is because of the low purchase costs and the scalable costs for the modifications. Container shops can be modified for a relatively low cost for an entry-level shop right up to the most complex and expensive designs. As a result, more retailers are considering shipping containers for a variety of applications, including shops, kiosks, stores, stands, stalls, and booths. These retail spaces are typically set up in seasonal festivals or spots with high foot traffic.


Tradecorp’s container shops have features: 

  • Corten steel structures 
  • Corrugated wall panels for added strength  

Tradecorp’s container shops can be fitted with these additional features 

  • Insulation 
  • Electrical fit-out 
  • Custom paint 
  • Extra doors 
  • Pull up windows 
  • Counters & workspaces


  • Portability – shipping containers are designed to be easily moved and relocated. This makes for the perfect solution for events that only run at weekends or for location testing. If a location is found to be non-productive, the shop front can be easily relocated to a new location for testing within a couple of hours. 
  • Durability shipping containers have inherent durability, making them the ideal structure for a variety of retail spaces. As a result, a repurposed shipping container shop is tough to withstand relocation, extreme weather, and burglary. It can keep the merchandise stored inside safe.


Tradecorp ‘s modified shipping container shops are popular with users for their inherent strength and industrial design characteristics. Tradecorp’s shop front containers are available in 10’ through to 40’ and are available for either rent or purchase. 

What’s more, at Tradecorp Indonesia, our team of modification experts will help you to explore the interior and exterior design and fittings that will best suit your business plan. With the versatility of shipping containers, you have the freedom of modifying the container shop to suit your unique specifications.  

For example, our 20’ expo container with hydraulic rams facilitates the ease of setting up during short-term events.  

If your business needs to launch new products and build brand awareness at exhibitions, seasonal festivals, malls, or high-foot-traffic areas, Tradecorp’s modified shipping container shops are the perfect solution for your business.

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