Container Double Door (TunneL Container)

The Container Double Door or tunnel container is a shipping container with doors at both ends. You can reduce the time spent during loading and unloading cargo with a double door container. Additionally, it is also a strong and secure container that you can use as multipurpose storage.

Reasons why having two entries in one container is better

Have you ever experienced a problem where you have to unload a specific item that is located at the very back of the container? Well, we understand how unpleasant it is. You have to take out all the cargo in the front to reach the one you wanted. Then, you need to get everything back in again one by one. That is a lot of time and resources go to waste. For that reason, we introduce you to the container double door.

Easy cargo access from both ends

With doors at both ends, you will be able to get any cargo in and out faster and easier. The loading and unloading process can be done at the same time through both doors. The forklift can get the cargo in and out faster as it operates at a shorter distance. Best of all, for transporting a vehicle, you can load it from one container door then unload it from the other door.

Many uses of double door container

Cargo transportation – Ship cargo more efficiently with our tunnel container as little time is spent in the loading and unloading process.

Multipurpose storage – You can store any items that belong to the dry category and expect them to be safe from damages.

Tunnel – Connecting several double door containers turns it into a tunnel for a safe walkway in a construction site.

Advantages of our container double door

  • The shipping containers meet ISO standards and are qualified for international shipping
  • Quality control and inspection for each of our containers to provide a secure container
  • We can add a partition in the middle to create two separate spaces for different shippers
  • A secure locking mechanism on each container door to lower the risk of cargo theft
  • Corten steel structure enables the container to withstand harsh conditions even during sea freight


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