Tradecorp Bulker Container

Bulker Container is a solution for shipping dry bulk cargo. Many industries, including agricultural, industrial, and commercial, require the use of this container. It is reliable as bulk commodity transportation and storage units.

Bulk goods transport & storage

Different from the general goods, bulk commodities are transported in large quantities without any packing or packaging. For that reason, the container itself acts as the only thing that protects the cargo from external elements. Therefore, a reliable transport solution for your bulk commodity is what you need to avoid losses.

One solution. Many uses.

Bulker Container offers a full steel interior to provide a safe compartment for carrying items straight away.Dry bulk cargo comes in many varieties. From food items like soy, coffee, sugar, salt, and wheat, to non-food items such as fertilizer, iron ore, and bauxite.

You no longer need a liner bag like when transporting and storing bulk items in the standard shipping containers. That is the reason why it is perfect for bulk food storage containers, non-food bulk cargo storage, as well as secure transportation unit.

Efficient from start to end

Bulker Container enables you to ship large quantities of bulk cargo at once.You will be able to reduce spending and maximize shipment by using this container, Here is how it works! You load the dry bulk cargo through the top hatches. Once arrived, you can release the cargo from the front hatch or rear hatches in case of partial discharge or sampling.

What will you get

  • Multiple hatches and release doors for easy loading and unloading
  • Steel interior are well-suited for shipping bulk commodity without liner bags
  • Windtight and watertight design protects goods against moisture and contamination
  • The containers are suitable for both storage and transportation of bulk items
  • A secure locking mechanism on each hatch and door to avoid accidental opening


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