Tradecorp Half Height Container

Half Height Container is the right choice if you need a container for heavy bulk loads. The height is half shorter than the standard containers, making it more powerful and reliable to transport heavy items. Moreover, this container also offers loading and unloading access from the top as the roof is detachable.Mainly used in the mining industry for transporting mining equipment or mining products.

Heavy-duty transportation unit

We offer a wide range of quality products to fulfill our customer needs. From standard containers to specialized containers, we have everything covered. The design of the half height shipping container creates a low center of gravity. With that, it is more stable than taller containers and able to handle heavier loads without problems. Bringing you a powerful transportation unit that can safely carry your heavy cargo anywhere.

Many applications

Some of the common items transported by half height container are sand, gravel, ore, pipes, cables, construction materials, machinery, and bulky raw materials.

Beyond that, the oil and gas industry uses the DNV certified of our half height open top container to ship pipes, tools, chains, hooks, and anchors.

Enables easy top-loading

One of the reasons why this type of container is preferable in the mining sector is because of the easy top loading. Crane can lift pipes from the top. Excavators can load iron ore into the container from above. Plus, the loader can transfer gravel into the container from the top.

As there is no roof, you may require to cover this type of container to protect the cargo. Therefore, this container comes with removable roof options, such as a tarpaulin or hard steel roof.

Customize your half height shipping container

Our half height open top container can be custom built to your specific requirements.

    • Possible for special height request
    • You can choose to have a different door type and locking mechanism
    • Tarpaulin or steel roof options to protect cargo against weather
    • Regular or anti-slip floor depending on your needs
    • You can request removable or non-removable sides
    • We can provide DNV 2.7-1 certified of our open top container


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